Losangeles artists tell you what kind of currency bitcoin will grow

Losangeles artists tell you what kind of currency bitcoin will grow

An artist in Losangeles is carrying out a project, namely the bitcoin block as notes using concrete form.

In the construction of the “entity bitcoin”, this is perhaps one of the most interesting attempt. In this project, MatthiasDorfelt Hashi created 64 random blocks, and translate them into their physical representation.

Dorfelt told the “fast company” (FastCompany) magazine, from a technical point of view, through the invention of the bitcoin block chain over the past few years is one of the most pioneering of things.

“Bitcoin itself is very valuable, it is now so important, always haunt in my heart.”

Each note appearance according to the hash form, including the number of transactions in the block in the “Satoshi” signature, the middle there is a similar to the hooded figure graphics. Different examples of different color schemes.

The hood graphics without any specific meaning, but it looks like some strange, disturbing, together with the whole figure style reminiscent of Edward Monk’s painting “the scream.”.



Over the years, many companies are trying to make a breakthrough in the real bitcoin market, but also the success of Denarium, it launched a gold-plated entity bitcoin value.

Many people feel that this product is novel, entrepreneur and investor AlistairMilne last year bought a bitcoin entity.

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