Major banks have said bitcoin of love and hate

Major banks have said bitcoin of love and hate

For bitcoin, major banks have said “really let me love you, let me worry”.

In recent months, the major banks have expressed their bitcoins to promote the development of this technology support, but at the same time they also said that for the banking industry, the issue of bitcoin is a legitimate choice, is still not allowed to implement. Despite this, they focus on the can’t help growing bitcoin transactions online.

Unlike bitcoin, for virtual currency issue, the Central Bank of the workers had to consider how to facilitate the issue of government regulation, the government can be accepted. Of course, the virtual currency is that it makes a quick payment as possible, and provide a more cost saving system, so as to enhance the central bank for monetary transactions and currency control, but since then, security has become a headache.

As the Wall Street journal article said, at present, there is no central bank officially launched a digital currency for use and distribution system, but for this technology, banking suggestions and opinions are still emerge in an endless stream.

Senior vice president Caroline, the Bank of Canada? Weierkelinsi once said: in the last month in a speech: “let us put ourselves to think, if the vast majority of people in the world are the use of electronic money, it will be a kind of scene, we look forward to the arrival of the era, but we also must deal with well, this technology to weigh the risks and benefits brought by us”.

The central bank and the problem faced is how to launch a safe and efficient system can get government support. However, in the emerging financial technology company under the help of the traditional financial services industry will usher in a new revolution.

“How to look at the technology, is it really necessary to issue a digital currency”? Dublin eCM, a start-up company with global central banks together launched a discussion on this topic. ECM founder and CEO, Qiao Ansen de Poland? HAMA told Wall Street Post reporters, their company has carried out a dialogue with the world bank the number of this topic, and reached a consensus with the two companies, it is necessary to implement this technology, and develop a digital currency blueprint.

ECM technology is to use the electronic trading system of the existing customers, businesses, transfer transactions between banks and payment companies. That is to say, this technology will only convert money into electronic form, do not need to exchange the existing system are changed completely.

Canada’s central bank and the Bank of Ecuador are expressed on the development of digital technology trading interest, and triggered a worldwide issue of heat. Even the Bank of International Settlements consists of 60 central bank has issued a document that: the concept of bitcoin worth further exploration, so as to improve the control of the bank.

Group of experts said in the article: “there is a method that is to use the technology itself to issue digital currency”. Although the technology is not real progress, this will continue to be a hot topic in global discussions.

In terms of digital currency most discussed topic of the use case, focus on the fact that digital currency will reduce the cost, and makes the payment process more standardized and clear, therefore, institutional financial services will become more efficient and convenient. For example, in the United States, digital currency currency makes consumers faster and cheaper prices.

In the Wall Street journal, Andrew, chief economist at the Bank of England? Digital currency will hardner to the world economy bring what topic expressed their views. He said, many reasons why please real money can profit, which includes the use of common financial instruments.

He said in a speech in the past: “perhaps the central monetary policy has been mature, it is time to move forward, the great development of new technology”.

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