Many coal base, Erdos into bitcoin mining paradise

Many coal base, Erdos into bitcoin mining paradise


“Two days” is on vacation

Mine pool has 8 150 meter long single warehouse, 7 warehouses which were placed 21000 bitcoin mining machine, another warehouse placed 4000 Wright bitcoin mining machine.

The workers during the work time is 8:30 in the morning to 6:30 in the afternoon. At this time, a worker to check at least a warehouse of mine, which is 3000-4000 units, the workload is enormous.

The warehouse in the dim light, LED lamp 3000 mining machine constantly emit green light, which is shrouded in an outer planet and loneliness in science fiction. Mills are sleepless, “rumble” sound calculation along with another terrible math problem, noise almost break the eardrum. The interviewer must take ear to work properly, but the miners are already accustomed to.

The maintenance work is very boring. They want to take a computer to do the test machine. The same action and process a day to repeat many times.

One day down, each warehouse failure machine 10 units. In hot weather, the number is expected to double fault.

Fault types. Good luck when, as long as the workers about their connection circuit board, or restart the machine can solve the problem. But the number of cases are relatively poor, they need to put the whole machine down, to let a professional repair maintenance room.

A worker said: “until July, when the outdoor temperature is higher than 36 degrees, the speed of the machine repair never broke the machine speed.”

They are too busy to breathe. In order to ensure the normal mining, early evening repeatedly reversed, the holiday weekend can not be guaranteed. Mine in the pool in the view of the shortage, the workers, the “two days” has been regarded as a holiday vacation.

Rural children with bitcoin: reality mingles with magic

The miners are mostly more than 20 years old unmarried youth.

The young man was born to Erdos, almost all in small towns and rural areas. They are not rich, cultural level is not high. Work is the way to learn, they generally do business. To the autumn harvest, some miners also asked her boss for two days “holiday”, home to help parents to do farm work.

When the distant Wall Street for bitcoin and dumping, the group with the local flavor of the China young people in an abandoned industrial park in Inner Mongolia, to support the world “the most investment value of the assets of the daily operation. They may not understand the hash value, do not understand, do not understand the root of Merkel dazzling code, but also do not know what “to the center”. Not only repair end mill, before they will be with the world’s high-end investors, those linked.

When the geeks in order to “center” and the concept of mine pool owners quarreling, that even let bitcoin again hard bifurcation, the miners can do is to wipe a gray machine. Look, Nakamoto idea that “democracy” in the capitalist world, the environment has not evolved into something new.

However, unlike their parents, these children are not farmers will earn money in the bank, but will be converted into savings and Wright currency bitcoin for appreciation. Even some of the miners in the work of the Wright currency bitcoin and price trend. A new miner said, now the bitcoin price is too high, so he took the money to buy the Wright currency.

“High salary”, “promising”

The coal industry is no longer Ordos. But the emerging bitcoin mining industry to decline Erdos bring a breath of fresh air.

Ordos pool for an hour to burn 40 megawatts of electricity, equivalent to 12000 family consumption over the same period. After giving them a 30% discount in the Ordos government, they still need to pay the annual billion yuan for electricity to Erdos government. To some extent, this is the decline of the local coal industry support.

For workers, work is boring, but far too hard. Compared with coal, it does not require you to have much strength, but also let you work all the year round at a temperature suitable place. Because of the sun, the workers look like city people like white.

In the salary, the miners than the average factory wages to high. One worker said, their salary is 4000 yuan (the average wage salary has been higher than Erdos local factories, another commission). But the Commission is exactly how to calculate, the workers refused to disclose.

Before the pool supervisor is a business, but the business failed several times. After this world after the ups and downs, he finally selected the current work, and are optimistic about the future.

“Our country is slowly accepted this new thing bitcoin, which is a good thing. This industry to develop well, we need more understanding and support policy. I still look promising.”

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