Many were bitcoin virus attack hacker accused of using the United States NSA code

Many were bitcoin virus attack hacker accused of using the United States NSA code

In new network on 13 May, according to Singapore reported, 12, the world many countries suffered a massive cyber attack, the attacker was asked to pay bitcoin unlock.

Researchers generally believe that this large-scale network attack by the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) developed by hacking tools. Researchers at several private network security company said hackers through the use of the name “EternalBlue” NSA code, causes the software to be self propagation.

12, a lock of computer malware is spreading rapidly around the world, according to the security software maker Avast said it has been in 99 countries observed more than 57000 examples of infection.

According to reports, the affected countries including Britain, the United States, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Russia and Ukraine. This malware is a blackmail software (ransomware), the computer is locked after infection, the user will also be required to pay $300 to $600 worth of bitcoin.

Private security company says the extortion software improvement from “WannaCry”, by using the MicrosoftWindows operating system programming error in automatic transmission to a large network.

The report shows, the spread of malicious software was first started in england. The Associated Press reported that the computer system the British hospitals on Friday began to encounter large-scale network attack and cause paralysis, cancellation, telephone line, patients cannot see a doctor. The British computer system attacks including the main hospital management of London’s Baz medical group (BartsHealthgroup), a Royal London hospital main hospital management group (TheRoyalLondon) and St. Bartholomew’s Hospital (StBartholomew s). Reuters reported that it was not able to independently verify whether the incident is, for the June 8th campaign.

The British National Health Service (NationalHealthService, NHS) said, the hospital is obviously influenced by “ransomware” attack, an attacker using a computer system into the hospital for the “WannaDecryptor” malware, lock the computer requires the user to pay the ransom. There is no evidence that the patient data was leaked.

According to social media users posted photos show, the ransomware in lock NHS computer, ask for $300 worth of bitcoin, and that “Oh, your file is encrypted!” (Ooops, yourfileshavebeenencrypted! On the dialog box).

Many Spanish Company network attacks, including the Spanish telecom giant Telefonica, the attackers used blackmail software (ransomware) to lock the user’s computer files.

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