Market analysis bitcoin continued high consolidation will continue to rise?

As of 09:00 on December 30, the global average price of BTC is now US $27574.05, up or down 3.15% in 24h. Bitcoin is gradually changing from “alternative investment” to “digital gold”. In terms of the current market situation, bitcoin is gradually changing from “alternative investment” to “digital gold”. This round of bitcoin bull market is the product of high inflation expectations. Foreign institutional investors care about profits, not feelings like “bitcoin faith.”. As monetary policy gradually shifts from loose to moderately tight, institutional investors may sell bitcoin later. But until then, bitcoin prices will remain the main trend of rising. However, as the price of bitcoin is getting higher and higher, the market volatility will continue to increase. It is suggested that investors should not increase excessive leverage when participating. Market analysis BTC market analysis review: BTC early market upward breakthrough yesterday’s volatility range 27350. At present, it is in the trend of short-term shock. ; analysis: in view of the trend in recent days, the future market has the possibility of further upward; conclusion: we should pay attention to whether to refresh the high of last week. Eth market analysis, ETH early set a new record. Today’s steady upward trend, currently encountered 742 interval resistance blocked, radical can be deployed in a short-term. The future market pays close attention to the resistance breaking situation in the interval and predicts that the bulls will further attack and break through at the end of the triangle. LTC market analysis, LTC bulls regained the dominant position, and the breakthrough in the morning session was blocked by 132 intervals. Further attention to the trend of the interval within the day, at present, the first resistance level is 133, the second resistance is 137, breaking the position continues to be bullish. BCH market analysis BCH key resistance range is still around 378. Today is the second upward trial in this week. From the current trend, the upper resistance has been very weak. If the market bulls continue to make efforts, there is a great possibility of breaking the position. The future market may cause drastic ups and downs of the market. Follow up in the day and pay attention to risk control. Article review has been delayed, the market trend is also transient, investment must not be eager for quick success and instant benefit, reasonable control of risk! For more suggestions, please write to me. This article only represents personal views, for reference only. The strategy is only aimed at the contract band of the day. The investment should not be eager for quick success and instant profit. Only by reasonably controlling the risk and managing the position can we achieve long-term progress.

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