Market analysis bitcoin continues to be crazy, will it continue to break new records?

As of 09:00 on January 3, the global average price of BTC was now at US $32381.53, up or down 11.16% in 24h. The market value of bitcoin rose to the 9th place in the global market value assets, and Alibaba ranked the 8th. #At 00:53, January 3, Beijing time, tether company issued 200 million new usdts in wave field network. 3. The market value of bitcoin rose to 16th among all the listed French currencies. 4. According to cryptoquant data, coinbase Pro had an outflow of more than 35000 bitcoins, worth more than $1 billion, early this morning. Ki young Ju, chief executive of cryptoquant, speculated that the bitcoin outflow from coinbase was bought by institutional investors due to fomo (fear of missing). Market analysis BTC market analysis review: at the beginning of the new year in 2021, BTC successfully surged upward and stood above the 30000 range. At present, it is in consolidation near 32500 range; analysis: combined with the recent trend, bulls still maintain considerable vitality, and it is still very likely to continue to rise after consolidation in the future market; conclusion: short positions see more and enter less. Pay attention to whether the follow-up will further impact the 34000 range. Eth market analysis eth successful impact to the 778 range we mentioned yesterday. It is currently in the position below the consolidation. There is still the possibility of further high within the day. If the market breaks the position successfully, the future market will continue to pay attention to the attack and defense situation of 778 interval. LTC market analysis LTC is still fluctuating at the bottom of 142 resistance range, and the early morning long volume online did not break through the resistance range, indicating that the resistance has a strong pressure at the top. After the market is still likely to continue upward impact 142 range, focus on the breakthrough in this position. BCH market analysis BCH maintained high volatility for many consecutive days. In the early trading, BTC and eth all moved higher, but BCH still fluctuated under the pressure and failed to refresh the high level, indicating that the 378 range resistance is quite strong. The future market will continue to maintain the trend of high shock, if still failed to test upward, there is a risk of diving. Article review has been delayed, the market trend is also transient, investment must not be eager for quick success and instant benefit, reasonable control of risk! For more suggestions, please write to me. This article only represents personal views, for reference only. The strategy is only aimed at the contract band of the day. The investment should not be eager for quick success and instant profit. Only by reasonably controlling the risk and managing the position can we achieve long-term progress.

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