Market analysis bitcoin market is affected by continuous gray level support, and the breakout point will continue to appear

As of 09:00 on December 24, the global average price of BTC is now at US $23027.69, up or down – 3.94% in 24h. The US presidential financial market working group issued a statement on the regulation of stable currency, and the US presidential financial market working group (PWG) today issued a new statement on stable currency, which details its views on retail payment with stable currency, including “multi currency” and “multi currency” The possibility of “stable currency” and public feedback on this issue should be sought. Stable currency issuers should comply with all typical rules of financial law and be able to make one-on-one redemption, the statement said. Stable currency must meet appropriate money laundering and regulatory requirements before it can be put on the market. In addition, in the case of large-scale adoption of stable currencies, which are mainly used for retail payments, in the United States, other protective measures may be required. The statement also hinted that the stable currency might pose a threat to “international currency stability” and suggested that actions should be taken to ensure that “the stable currency does not damage the confidence and ability of domestic legal currency”. Market analysis BTC market analysis BTC in recent two days in 22700 ~ 24100 wide range of shocks, the overall fluctuation and contraction are relatively large, close attention to the upper 24100 resistance, below 22500 support position attack and defense. At present, there is no clear signal of breakthrough. In case of no breakthrough, it is still mainly deployed within the interval, and strict stop loss is enough. Eth market analysis, ETH early short volume, downward puncture support, to 540 range. And by the support of the rapid rebound, at present in the 596 range of resistance below the shock. First of all, pay attention to the trend of 545 ~ 595 range within the day. If continue to break down 540 interval, then continue to be bearish. LTC market analysis LTC early down test 98 support, virtual break to 96 range near, quickly rebound pull up, again stand above the 98 range, the current short-term upward trend. The overall position is at the bottom of the interval, which is conducive to the deployment of bulls. BCH market analysis, BCH four consecutive days average close sinister, short on long suppression obvious. After yesterday’s violent fluctuations, the market price has returned to below 300 range. Today is to break the short support of 283 interval, once tested to 266 interval. The lower target can see the early low 255 line. Article review has been delayed, the market trend is also transient, investment must not be eager for quick success and instant benefit, reasonable control of risk! For more suggestions, please write to me. This article only represents personal views, for reference only. The strategy is only aimed at the contract band of the day. The investment should not be eager for quick success and instant profit. Only by reasonably controlling the risk and managing the position can we achieve long-term progress.

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