Market analysis sits firmly in the car and follows bitcoin all the way north

Industry news 1. Volvo announced its investment in circlorr2, a blockchain technology provider; 2. India plans to levy an 18% commodity and service tax on special currency transactions; 3. The first digital currency application scenario of Beijing’s central bank has been launched in Fengtai lizer; 4. Okexchain is about to launch its main network From January 1, 2021, Chuangshi will issue okt5; NexTech, a Canadian company, will use US Treasury bonds to buy US $2 million bitcoin; 6. Simplex, an encrypted payment processor, will issue encrypted debit cards with visa; 7. The mayor of Miami, US: willing to explore replacing 1% of the city’s fiscal reserves with bitcoin; 8. American hedge fund flyover capital has invested $182 million in bitcoin; 9. The total market value of usdt has exceeded 200 BTC market analysis of US $100 million BTC market analysis, BTC made 26000 4H center bottom range adjustment, went up, gray recently slightly reduced holdings, did not affect the enthusiasm of the mad cow. We still don’t make a judgment when we approach the position of 28000 again. It has been proved by history for countless times that it is almost difficult to be correct if we are still close to the position of 28000. What we can do is to sit firmly in the car and follow it all the way north. The reason for giving up the technical analysis is that 2000 / 26000 = 0.076923, the range of 6-7 percentage points is meaningless. Eth market analysis 740 eth will rise? Why doesn’t it go up? Is there any reason not to rise? The craziness of BTC, the craziness of the whole currency market, the promotion of market sentiment, and one of the preferred mainstream currencies after entering the market are the best targets for funds. Do not ask fundamental, ask the attraction of the bibcock to fund, enough is its rise reason. Technically, the daily line trend has not changed, and there is a breakthrough form after finishing the platform in the 4H cycle. 1H is in the top section of the central nervous system and can be operated at the rhythm of 1H. That’s all! XRP / LTC / EOS / BCH market analysis here points out two points. For ordinary investors, we mainly focus on LTC / BCH, because the structure is obvious, the rise of 4H cycle, adjustment, trend is very obvious, there is no bad news, of course, there is no good news. It is easy to operate and make money. For those who want to develop large-scale or institutional investors can fully study and evaluate XRP, will the problem be completely wiped out? Will it be taken off the shelves by the major exchanges? This determines its death or Phoenix Nirvana. Once it is grasped, it is equivalent to the completion of a reorganization of the stock market. This is equivalent to a potential target of 10 times of a share in 2000. It is only a hint, because we have not studied it clearly. Dot / KSM market analysis Boka ecological madness in the past two days is indeed the same as the Spring Festival. Hundreds of people are boiling, and dozens of people send congratulatory telegrams of “huanglaoshi” Wanfu magical power. For a while, our dog excrement prompts us to make a lot of money, at least tens of thousands, more than hundreds of thousands. In addition to praise, not even a red envelope (joke), no wonder the analysts who made money are scribbling market prices, no dry goods. There is a lot of complaints and money is coming together. Speaking back to the technology and mood, the market is obviously making money and there are many retail investors. There may be a 1h-4h callback. At present, the market sentiment is high, and the callback will not be too deep. Once the market news drops, BTC will not be broken by 28000, and Boca may have a corresponding adjustment. At this time, I asked if I could get on the bus before, and this is the opportunity; if you get on the car, you will be left behind by another small callback, and there will be great achievements next year!

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