Market report: decline continues, bitcoin fell yesterday still

12 June 6, Tuesday, according to Coin360 data, yesterday encryption currency markets continue to decline before, before the 20 encryption currency rose only two.

Visualization of Coin360 Market

Bitcoin (BTC) when the world fell 3.13%, closing at $3887, and the low of $3587. As of press time, the main currency encryption transaction price of about $3656.

In the weekly BTC, the lowest price in the past seven days, fell 14.4%, monthly statistics show crypto currency 43% terrible loss.

Bitcoin price chart this month

Reboxetine currency (XRP) at the time of the transaction price of $0.320, fell 5.36%. The currency market value of around 127 billion, while in the 11 week high of June 30 $15.3.

Fang ether (ETH) in the past 24 hours fell by 7.85% in the past month for the first time below the $100 mark. As of press time, the encrypted currency transaction price of about $95, a market capitalization of $9 billion 700 million.

Ethernet 7 days jiagezoushitu Fang

Bitcoin cash (BCH) on the day once again suffered heavy losses. In the past 24 hours, the copycat currency prices fell more than 14%, at the time when the price is about $112.

In turn, bitcoin SV (BSV) the daily increase of 22.55%, as of press time trading around $107.31. The largest supply of BSV is 21 million, and at the time of the market value of about $1 billion 800 million.

The main losers today include EOS and Binance Coin (BNB), respectively, down 14.19% and 17%. As of press time, the EOS trading price of US $1.90, BNB price is about $5.

As of press time, the total market value of all encrypted currency is about $114 billion 400 million. In its monthly chart, the total market value has been showing a downward trend of stability.

The total market value of 7 days price chart

At the same time, digital asset manager Bitwise launched two new beta funds for the BTC and ETH, which aims to provide a “low cost” and “liquidity” to obtain the two high-profile return on assets. Bitwise global research director Matt Hogan (Matt Hougan) will launch the new fund into which, because some of the upcoming positive development “to promote the” important entry requirements”.

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