Market report: with encryption market rise, the price of more than ETH bitcoin cash for the first time

Encryption currency market yesterday showed signs of recovery, but mainly concentrated in the etheric Fang (ETH), the price for the first time exceeded the bitcoin cash (BCH).

Visualization of Coin360 Market

Coin360, CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap data show that the top ten copycat currency assets continues to rise in ETH, the transaction price of about $90.86, while BCH traded at $88.63. Previously, BCH has appeared since August 2017 the market price has been higher than ETH.

Bitcoin cash / Ethernet workshop 7 days price chart

Last month, the controversial hard bifurcation resulting in BCH is divided into two strands, article two is bitcoin cash “Satoshi”, and now the stock code BSV.

The price of BSV in the beginning and most encryption currency is inversely related, according to the bitcoin (BTC) and the fluctuation of market activity, until mid December, the BSV price was down to almost the same as in BCH. BCH and BSV are currently top cryptocurrencies respectively occupy eighth of the market cap and ninth.

At the same time, bitcoin itself has rebounded from last weekend’s record of $3130 a month lows, the weekend earlier support at $3200. Then the price suddenly rose nearly $150 to $3470.

Bitcoin price chart for 7 days

Encryption monetary expert Tone Vays on Sundays in its latest market update warned that the existing trading volume is still uncertain whether the standard of maintaining the current rise, bitcoin fell to the lowest $1300 may soon occur. Specifically, the closing price is lower than BTC / USD long-term 50 month moving average price spiral will trigger a prolonged decline.

Other encryption currency ranked in the top 20, Wright coins (LTC) part of the increase is slightly higher than 9%, to about $28.78.

Wright currency price chart for 7 days

EOS today also rose sharply, the increase of more than 10%, at the time of the transaction price of about $2.16.

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