Market report: with the encryption market for five consecutive days higher, bitcoin prices back to $4000

Thursday yesterday, encryption market ushered in the fifth trading days continued to rise, according to Coin360 data, the first twenty encryption currency almost all showed strong growth momentum.

Visualization of Coin360 Market

24 hours of growth, fourth encryption currency bitcoin cash (BCH) has soared to other assets, as of press time, there is an amazing 36% increase, soared to $165. Today marks the coin second days to achieve two digit growth, the fifth day is green. With the increase of more than 7 days 80%, the coin is still better than its monthly chart fell by nearly 50%.

Bitcoin cash 7 day price chart

According to CoinMarketCap data, a new branch of bitcoin SV (BSV) is currently ranked ninth encryption currency, there have been significant fluctuations, around $102, up 13%.

Encryption currency bitcoin largest (BTC) have rebounded to $4100, up 6% for the day, than in December 14th of $3185 a week high of nearly $1000. Today the highest coin is green day 5, reversing the continuing bear market downturn.

Bitcoin historical price data, December 13-20

This week, bitcoin now increased by nearly 22%; however, the monthly loss is still close to 27%.

According to the Cointelegraph ripple price index, by market capitalisation of the second codon Ripple (XRP) rose 0.5%, as of press time, the transaction price of about $0.38. Nevertheless, the accumulation of wealth assets this week to 7 days of strong growth in green in chart 29%. The monthly chart of Ripple to maintain the stability of the red, that loss is slightly higher than the 20%.

7 days of reboxetine currency price chart

The etheric Fang (ETH) – ranked by market capitalization third passwords – has easy to recover its three value, transaction price of $111, and rose nearly 5% in the deadline within 24 hours. Like bitcoin, copycat currency is currently in the fifth – day steady growth in December 14th has fallen to about $82.

Although the etheric Fang now the weekly chart rose nearly 22%, but this month still fell 28%.

Ethernet 7 days jiagezoushitu Fang

All of the remaining ten are in the stage of green CoinMarketCap – although growth is more moderate, Litecoin (LTC) rose 4.6%, close to $32.50, Stellar (XLM) rose 2% to $0.12.

According to the remaining coins the market value of the top position of the 20 increase of 2% to 6%. The etheric Fang classic (ETC) was the most powerful, rose nearly 6% to $4.76. The privacy focused copycat (XMR) and ZCash Monero (ZEC) rose 4.5%, as of press time for $51.73 and $63.51.

Wave field (WAVES) is the only currency fell, before the twenty encryption currency fell 2.5%, to $4.14, after the capital and development of news call yesterday soared more than 30%.

As of press time, the total market value of all encrypted currency is about $132 billion 200 million, compared with December 14th week low of $101 billion 160 million $about 30000000000.

All of the total market value of 7 days cryptocurrencies chart

In an interview published yesterday, chief executive officer of the main crypto currency exchange Binance and co-founder Changpeng Zhao said, 2018 is the crypto currency “modified years”. Despite the recent medium-term bearish trend, but he is optimistic about the future of the encryption industry, that strong and vigorous development of the blockchain technology will promote the further use of encryption currency.

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