McAfee MGT investment company has entered the bitcoin mining

McAfee MGT investment company has entered the bitcoin mining


MGT Capital Investment Corporation announced that for the first time to enter the bitcoin mining industry is a matter in June last year, MGT company has launched 2PH/s bitcoin mining equipment, there are media reports of his first stage mining reward, MGT bitcoin operation began in McAfee antivirus software founder JohnMcAfee MGT took over, he led the company towards bitcoin and chain blocks technology development direction.

Genesis mineral company CEOMarcoStreng said bitcoin mining operations MGT said:

“We appreciate MGT involved in mining efforts, which is beneficial for the industry. But because the 10P operator is relatively small computing power, so it is a direct impact on the mining market is limited.”

MGT bitcoin mining what is different?

At present, MGT has dug 90 bitcoins, according to the current market price, MGT has received $50000 in mining revenues, it continues to dig in. Now, MGT has started to enter the second stage of mining plan it, hoping to get 5P in 2016 at the end of the fourth stage of work force.

Like the MGT investment bitcoin mining investment company is unusual, most of the Vc firm just buy and hold bitcoin as an investment portfolio, but McAfee really go unusual way.

Because MGT uses a lot of hardware and low power strategy, it seems more. But with the bitcoin block reward reduced, the fate of these devices is determined by the future price of bitcoin.

Bitcoin next half awards will take place on 2020, when every block of reward will be reduced to 6.25 coins, but the price of bitcoin may be halved to make compensation.

The next stage is to increase the computing power

In the operation of MGT statement, they said these devices will produce 2P is in the state of washington. Now these devices have been deployed and running at full speed. This is what they said in the first stage, they will be the second phase expansion force.

MGT said they are using 16 nm ASIC chips, have higher mining efficiency, can produce a “big profit space”.

MGT capital investment CEOJohnMcAfee said:

“According to our current production, we believe that MGT is a bitcoin mining dig before 5, we believe that these devices in 2017 reached 10P the will allow MGT to become the world’s leading bitcoin mining.”

So far, we can not be sure what McAfee plans to do in the future, but he is still in accordance with security software to develop the route to block chain as the foundation, and for MGT test equipment.

McAfee added,

“This gives us the mining operation block chain development platform provides privacy protection procedures and key competitive advantage.”

So far, the mining operation for the company to bring a good return on investment income.

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