Mediabistro announced the first Inside Bitcoins summit in Hongkong

Mediabistro announced the first Inside Bitcoins summit in Hongkong


In May 15, 2014, Beijing Mediabistro Inc. (NASDAQ New York Code: MBIS) recently announced in June 2014 will be held in Hongkong on 24 – 25 Inside Bitcoins Summit & expo. This activity is Asia’s largest bitcoin and encryption of electronic money exhibition and forum activities, its purpose is to eliminate people bitcoin misunderstanding, enhance public awareness of bitcoin and encryption of electronic money. Mediabistro Inc. invited a number of encryption of electronic money has a deep understanding of the spokesman. In two days of the meeting, they will share in the emerging field of insights.

Mediabistro Inc., chairman and chief executive officer Alan M. Meckler said: “remember the nineteenth Century gold rush? Asia is currently the rise of a new gold rush, however this is not gold but people mining bitcoin. Asia is a very dynamic market, the encryption of electronic money passion all over the world, all bitcoin prospects in Asia waitsfor. We are very pleased to be able to hold the grand industry summit in Hongkong, from Hongkong recently launched the first bitcoin bitcoin ATM and retail trends, the Asian market for encryption of electronic money interest grow with each passing day. We want to spread knowledge to the participants of the meeting, let people have a better understanding of bitcoin, bring opportunities for new companies and all walks of life.”

The Inside Bitcoins summit will be held in more than 20 games workshop . 45 from around the world of science and technology and financial elite are invited to attend, speak. Currently bitcoin bitcoin trading platform Chinese largest China (BTC China) CEO and co-founder Nicholls yuan Mr. Wang will deliver the theme of “bitcoin in China: the second generation of products and services” in a keynote speech to the guests, introduced the development and Prospect of bitcoin in the China.

ANX CEO and co-founder Lujianbang That will bitcoin, remittance and change in the world “topic, together with the guests to discuss the developing countries how to use bitcoin block area payment, and to participate in the global exchange of goods and services, to promote their own business development. In addition, the speed of light an Zhen Chinese co-founder and managing director Ron Cao Mr will also be in the conference theme of “ecological bitcoin investment code” speech, to share his views on investment bitcoin.

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