Megaupload storage service plans raised, what’s the relationship between it and bitcoin?

Megaupload storage service plans raised, what’s the relationship between it and bitcoin?

The controversial Megaupload service will soon return to the world, and this time, it will be related to bitcoin.

According to BBC reports, Megaupload founder Kim Dacon (KimDotcom) plans to restart the network storage system in 2017 January.

Once the Megaupload, on the Internet is the thirteenth most visited site, in the peak, the daily amount of users even reached 50 million.

However, in 2012, the U.S. government to a large number of pirated by the use of Megaupload services, will be shut down.

In the next few years, Kim dotcom also tried to restart the Megaupload, but did not succeed.

In July 10th, Kim dotcom with nifty metaphor announced the “Resurrection” program in Twitter:

“I can tell you that a sexual relationship Megaupload and bitcoin, and is pregnant, I have a feeling that the baby will be happy.”

It is reported that in 2017 the resumption of the Megaupload2.0, 100GB will provide free storage for every user, the data transmission is not restricted, and it also uses instant encryption technology. In addition, Kim Kang also plans to deploy Megaupload user database, the original 100 million invite users to participate in this new website.

Will become a part of the MegaNet project to the center of the Internet

However, this is far from the ambitions of Kim dotcom, he plans to make Megaupload2.0 become a part of MegaNet, and the upcoming project, want to block chain technology and intelligent mobile phone to achieve a to the center of the internet. The plan calls for intelligent mobile phone let millions to use MegaNet applications, together with sufficient bandwidth, computing power and storage, through these devices, to achieve a decentralized censorship resistant version of the internet.

It is reported that MegaNet’s early release time, will sometime in 2018.

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