Members of Parliament in Ukraine officially declared bitcoin assets

Members of Parliament in Ukraine officially declared bitcoin assets

AlexeiMushak became Ukraine’s first publicly held bitcoin members of parliament.

European countries bitcoin responds differently. Now accept bitcoin countries the proportion is increasing. This may explain the various government and its own central bank position on digital currency. Ukraine is one of the few countries support encryption currency ecosystem. In Ukraine even the main banking institutions have through their solutions to merchants to accept bitcoin payments.

AlexeiMushak, a member of Ukraine’s parliament, he became the only one to declare bitcoin is an asset of politicians. Electronic wealth and asset declaration in accordance with the provisions of Mushak in European countries the new anti-corruption law. According to his report, Mushak has a total of 465 bitcoins worth about $325000 (in press time).

AlexeiMushak of encryption currency deposit, currency and other immovable property to declare that the Ukraine ruling class of digital currency cognition and openness. The asset declaration conforms to the parliament in Ukraine to legalize bitcoin and other digital currency decision.

In addition to the encryption currency, Ukraine is also in the underlying distributed ledger of bitcoin. The Central Bank of Ukraine, the National Bank of Ukraine recently for non cash economic development projects blockchain its application. Due to the popularity of encryption currency technology, some notable startups ideas also appeared in this area.

Recently, Ukraine’s largest private bank, Privatbank allows the user to make bitcoin payment in its Allo service. Ukraine is also held a variety of encryption currency, block chain and related to safety conference. Last month attracted people from all over the world and the arrival of the crypto currency payment companies bitcoin conference is held in Ukraine in the capital city of Kiev. The Ministry of finance of Ukraine is reported to have begun to explore the use of block chain technology to reduce corruption, especially when it comes to government transactions.

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