Mexico plans to strengthen the supervision of bitcoin will establish bitcoin bitcoin trading rules

Mexico plans to strengthen the supervision of bitcoin will establish bitcoin bitcoin trading rules

It is reported that Mexico plans for financial technology last month, including the introduction of the new currency bill. According to local media reports, two government officials recently disclosed some details of how to strengthen the Mexico bitcoin regulatory.

Mexico to strengthen the bitcoin regulatory plan

Jose Bernardo Gonzalez (JoseBernardoGonzalez), Mexico’s Ministry of Finance on banking, securities and savings business person in charge, he said bitcoin exists in the free market, cannot be controlled. In a statement, he explained the laws of Mexico to allow the central bank bitcoin buyers and sellers to regulate, and pointed out that:

“We are trying to regulate is involved in this asset class (bitcoin) party transactions (seller and buyer), rather than digital currency itself.”

He further clarified that regulators will ensure that the regulatory bitcoin contains “prevent money laundering and user protection regulations”.

Specifically, they will check whether these assets have enough liquidity, operating characteristics and definition of financial intermediaries or Finance Companies. They should prove that these assets can provide to the public. “He described.

The feedback of the financial sector

The Mexico government issued bitcoin bill, aimed at making the Mexico financial sector modernization, related initiatives include the bitcoin link.

According to Gonzales (Gonzalez) said, has recently been submitted to the financial department of the bitcoin bill received. Government officials in Mexico to discuss strengthening the bitcoin regulatory plan for Mexico traditional banks and brokers feedback and suggestions. Gonzales said:

“A lot of feedback is positive, the industry expect bitcoin regulated. They see there is a complementary relationship between traditional financial institutions and technology industry.”

The governor of the Bank of Mexico AgustinCarstens in the Senate recently also talked about the financial plan of science and technology. He said:

“The goal is how to use this innovative technology to reduce costs and increase the coverage of the financial system, but everything must be in a prudent and user security environment.”

The Central Bank of Mexico pilot bitcoin

According to the “Forbes” reported that Carstens recently revealed that the Central Bank of Mexico has begun to use bitcoin “very low scale” test, in order to understand the operation situation. He explained that before the adjustment of bitcoin, banks need to be familiar with digital currency and its technology.

“The final purpose of testing is to achieve the regulatory bitcoin, bitcoin regulatory scheme for the Bank of Mexico will take the time to find the best in the world, the mainstream.”

However, there are some concerns about Gonzales.

“The concern is that sometimes technology, hackers and bitcoin theft problem, which makes us very nervous. Yes, we must fully guarantee the technical integrity, strong defense, do not expose vulnerabilities in public.” He said.

In addition, he described in detail how the central bank to ensure the financial sector to establish the correct bitcoin act, to ensure that the “bitcoin technology firm sound, users avoid risk”. However, more testing is needed first.

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