Miami and the UAE real estate industry welcomed the reason for Bitcoin

nStorm when comment: Bitcover mainly as a value storage or a payment system, there is no conclusion. However, Bitcoin network expansion program has a certain extent to improve the network congestion and speed and other issues. With the expansion of the expansion program, I believe that the advantages will be more obvious. At that time as a way to pay, you can significantly reduce the cost of large-scale real estate transactions and other real estate. In particular, the real estate industry’s high technical adaptability, large-scale electronic transactions, natural fit bit currency.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
Miami real estate industry gradually recognized Bitcoin as a real estate broker, you can achieve the advantages of Bitcoin network to promote the transfer of large-scale transactions.n
Over the years, Bitmate communities and experts in the field of encrypted money argue that the basic role of Bitcoin should be stored as a value or a low-cost digital cash system for small transactions like Visan
At present, Bitcoin can be used as value storage or as a digital cash system. Bitcoin Core development team’s trading scalability combined with the expansion program “Seg Wit, Segregated Witness” has significantly reduced the bit bank block network congestion, to reduce the bit currency to be confirmed transaction storage area (memory pool) and Bitcoin Block average size. And currently only less than 3% of the spot currency transactions using SegWit. With the increase in SegWit trading volume to more than 50%, bitco transaction costs will be even lower.n
As a result, more businessmen, investors and users begin to consider and use Bitcoin as a financial and billing network that can handle a variety of large and small transactions. In the real estate industry, most transactions or payments reach millions of scale. But dealing with millions of dollars in transactions, banks need very high fees, some to reach a single transaction thousands of dollars.n
Several research reports indicate that Australian and US banks can pay up to $ 4,000 for $ 100,000. If the payment size reaches millions of dollars, the transaction fee naturally rises accordingly, possibly reaching $ 10,000.n
Bitcoin can avoid such a high transaction fee. Although the transaction fee depends on the size of the transaction, but the use of SegWit-based wallet, a $ 1 million transaction fee may be less than $ 10. More importantly, if the Bitcoin block chain network is not so congested, the memory pool is smaller, and the transaction sender may be able to handle the payment with a smaller fee.n
For real estate brokers, the use of Bitcoin can greatly simplify the large-scale payment process. Not just a few million dollars of bank wire transfer costs thousands of dollars, and processing time for several weeks or even months, they also require a large number of documents and inefficient identity and asset certification process.n
So Stephan Burke, member of the Master Brokers Forum, Miami Real Estate Professional Network, and real estate broker Brown Harris Stevens wrote:n
n”It seems that in the next few years, real estate such as high technical adaptability, large-scale electronic trading industry and bit currency natural fit.I think, in the mainstream into the mainstream, need some strict supervision, but I believe that Bitcoin is recognized as the recent , Not the long-term thing. The world is changing soon. “n

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