Microsoft bitcoin is a true love, a new version of Excel will support BTC payment

Microsoft bitcoin is a true love, a new version of Excel will support BTC payment

Previously there have been rumors that Microsoft or consider giving bitcoin support in WindowsStore, Microsoft not only said no such intention, but also intends to bitcoin as a more important part. Foreign media reported that Excel future updates will make it provide native support for bitcoin currency format. Of course, Microsoft is part of the Excel Office productivity tools, the multi platform desktop and mobile devices has its shadow.

This is a message from Reddit user cartidgez, he posted a Office365 upgrade above the image of the contents of this message as evidence. He said that the Office365 update will mainly Excel version support bitcoin currency format, including PC and intelligent mobile phone version of the platform.

The message said: “now can use bitcoin digital format options in Excel primary tracking, the calculation and analysis of bitcoin data. This feature will support Windows version Excel2016, Windows version of the ExcelMobile version of the ExcelMobile, Android, and ExcelOnline.”

The rumors no more specific news, but rumors also mentioned Microsoft may be added to the 8 decimal support, or is the bitcoin currency format support, in order to achieve more convenient data processing in Excel.

Microsoft recently updated FAQ page to let a lot of people think, Microsoft or not in the Windows store to provide bitcoin support. But Microsoft quickly issued a statement of apology, the error, and clearly to support bitcoin: bitcoin recharge to a Microsoft account we continue to support, can be used for the purchase of Windows and Xbox in the store content. We previously appeared in Microsoft’s Web site unintentionallylosing apologized for the error has been corrected.”

But now we also don’t know, bitcoin to support the new Excel format when, perhaps later this year.

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