Microsoft drives the digital currency development boom, the domestic platform to open a new round of burn model

Microsoft drives the digital currency development boom, the domestic platform to open a new round of burn model

Since May, bitcoin prices rose substantially, rose from 2500RBM in April to the current 3000RMB, an increase of about 20%. The huge price rise triggered once again focus on digital currency market funds, a new round of gold rush is coming.

The industrial chain, in May 4th, the international business giant Microsoft announced to join the digital chamber of Commerce, the chamber of commerce is to promote the application of block chain and digital asset trade association. The chamber of Commerce members including LedgerX, USAA and early bitcoin supporters Overstock. Expert analysis, Microsoft would like to join the trade association, the block chain become the mainstream technology of its finance department and other departments, it is also one of the reasons causing the bitcoin skyrocketing.

In China, nearly half of the time, because of the block chain technology and the rise of international digital currency business environment improved, the emergence of a large number of digital currency companies, of course, also benefited from the weakening of veteran mainstream trading platform marketing efforts, the new enterprise at the right time, blossom everywhere. Since 2016 March, the number of digital currency trading platform gradually increased. The majority of the platform is composed of digital currency development and operation of the establishment of the company to a digital currency trading platform, mainly in the service developed by the company, on this basis, the number of third party trading platform has gradually increased. Rookie trading platform is mainly engaged in copycat multi currency trading currency network, with a simple security trading experience, at the beginning of the establishment, quickly takes over a million users, but there is increasing in all aspects of marketing, human resources, technology spending. Because of the single platform profit model, multi currency network began to burn mode. The person in charge of the platform in the hope of digital currency development momentum just under the environment, the user through the “buy money, leave the user experience” mode of talent shows itself in competition. Of course, multi currency network is just one example. At present, the exchange whether behind into large financial giant capital still can make nothing of it.

In the domestic digital currency trading industry competition is becoming increasingly intense today, especially start-ups is difficult to enter, so throwing money to trade in the future business one of the most simple and crude move is in the digital currency industry hobson. But this way for enterprises to occupy the market share of resources, stable business development status, major for investor confidence significance. The future multi currency network can after a firm foothold on the current digital currency trading industry impact, the market still need to test.

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