Microsoft Office software will get bitcoin blockchain certification upgrade

Microsoft Office software will get bitcoin blockchain certification upgrade

According to the latest news, MicrosoftOffice users can now bitcoin blockchain help create immutable document. In April 10th, a massive Stampery document authentication and verification application is added to the international technology giant MicrosoftOffice program.

The MicrosoftOffice add-on is bitcoin blockchain authentication function

Microsoft showed that the application of bitcoin blockchain support has continued for a long time. Now, a company engineer VilleRantala announced the launch of the MicrosoftOffice suite of Stampery block attachments. The user can basically use bitcoin blockchain or Ethereum block chain to prove and validate the document. Microsoft engineers think that enterprise organizations and individuals every day to protect the important document and. Pay more attention to the details of the Rantala authentication and verification of the inviolability of the hand, the integrity of the legal documents cannot be manipulated and the contract provides vital help.

Hash of document creation began to replace “rely on a single entity (commercial, public, government etc.) maintain identity, and the hash is sent to the publicly accessible, such as bitcoin block chain,”

Microsoft Corp senior engineer Rantala explained. “The public once the block chain hash data exists in the bitcoin blockchain, people can not change the document, Hashi is not invalid. This method guarantees the availability of documents and data privacy also need further data to verify. “

Authentication and verification of bitcoin blockchain does not leave the office procedures

Microsoft Rantala said they use safe API will load the Stampery into MicrosoftOffice and Outlook, without leaving the program. This means that you can find the loading block authentication and verification software button in the toolbar. The engineer blog article introduced the working principle and process of the platform in the user interface;

Authentication: the function call JavaScript in Office will button authentication. This function will be to document the hash, and sha256 hash is sent to the Node.js server as a REST call, so the document will never leave Office. The Node.js server as Azure application service to run, and retain a copy of the hash, for later verification, and then use the hash function call StamperyAPI. The Stampery service will be put into the hash value of the public Ethereum and bitcoin blockchain.

Validation: press the verify button, again from the call in Javascript authentication function, the file hash table Node.js to send the file to the server as REST calls. The original hash Node.js server then calls StamperyAPI to access from a two block chain document.

Notary individual and enterprise customer solutions

Rantala believes that Stampery will be added to the Office platform, bitcoin blockchain help, users can use the document storage method more secure. In addition, technology engineers think, enterprise customers will find this is a very useful function, because the application can ensure the effectiveness of important business documents. Founded in 1988, MicrosoftOffice is one of the most popular word processing software suite of global office and in the business environment.

StamperyOffice add the code is open source, you can view the agreement on Github.

Rantala explained: “the user can see the file sent to them has signed or sealed, and then will be verified or certified.

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