Microsoft officially announced Excel2017 will support bitcoin, clear that bitcoin currency

Microsoft officially announced Excel2017 will support bitcoin, clear that bitcoin currency

Microsoft Corp official has officially announced plans in the upcoming Excel2017 provides extensive support for bitcoin, will allow the user to calculate, in the platform layout and analysis of bitcoin.

Microsoft customer manager Martin Butler said:

“EXcel2017 will be able to use the bitcoin currency analysis of digital calculation and recognition, typesetting. Windows10, Android, Mac OS and iOS 10 version of the Excel2017 will be able to use this function, but also include the Excel Windows phone mobile version.

Atlanta digital currency fund investors and bitcoin expert Alistair Milne on social media to share Microsoft to integrate bitcoin news. The bitcoin community reacted very positively, and for Microsoft to promote bitcoin access to mainstream use expressed very high enthusiasm.


Microsoft in the official document will be described as a currency bitcoin


Although bitcoin users and enthusiasts, the monetary attribute of bitcoin is self-evident, but large enterprises, government agencies and financial institutions in the past few years has been to avoid the use of the term ‘money’ to describe bitcoin.

Most mainstream investors and users often said bitcoin is an asset, although in various regions of the world are bitcoin as a global digital currency to use.

However, in the 2016, with the global economic instability and financial crisis, great changes have taken place in the mainstream media and the views of investors. In some areas, such as India, Venezuela and China, due to some money, cash shortage, the abolition of the rapid depreciation and capital outflows under strict supervision and other factors make the user of these areas in addition to bitcoin few other options can be used as a store of value.

By the end of last year, investors and traders have begun widespread bitcoin as a global currency and only have the ability to withstand the financial crisis and economic instability to hedge assets. At the same time, bitcoin’s performance in 2016 than any one currency and assets better, which leads to bitcoin skyrocketing demand.

Considering that occurred over the past year and things to bitcoin in the protection of family and property of the enterprise in the role of Microsoft in the daily millions of people using the Office office suite in the bitcoin currency.


Microsoft is involved in the field of encryption currency


Microsoft development team is also actively develop and deploy all based on your block chain platform. The most noteworthy is that Microsoft has launched a Azure block chain service platform, large enterprises can block chain used in this platform to promote the settlement of financial data.

Microsoft Corp also provide support for ETC and other bitcoin blockchain and company meeting, has shown great enthusiasm for the development of encryption currency industry.

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