Microsoft will add a new block chain service in software sandbox

Microsoft will add a new block chain service in software sandbox


Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform will be formally established next year it block chain service mall, will integrate several new service industry.

据12月15日的一篇博客文章,ErisIndustries,Factom和CoinPrism已与微软建立了合作关系。 Microsoft has announced its support platform Ethernet workshop, and has been in the study of Ripple internet protocol integrated into their own platform for general ledger.

Microsoft’s move is derived from a variety of financial institutions more and more of these products and services, they hope that Microsoft platform allows them to explore the use of more pieces of chain products and services.

Therefore, including industrial service that it is fully affirmed to them, that they have occupied the dominant position in a crowded market.

Eris chief operating officer PrestonByrne told CoinDesk:

“We are very pleased to join the Azure block chain service platform, and very happy to participate in the OpenChain and some other good projects. 2016 will be a fruitful year.”

Factom chairman and CEOPeterKirby said, “Microsoft is actively exploring the block chain service (BaaS) tools compatible to their product ecosystem in.”

“When Microsoft took the initiative to invite Factom to participate in the Azure platform, we are very excited. This is a simple and seamless integration, to the first quarter of 2016, all people can install Factom as part of their cloud system, “he said.

CoinPrism founder and CEOFlavienCharlon CoinDesk: and Openchain Azure will tell “together, means that everyone can tap a button to deploy their own chain to Microsoft’s infrastructure. “

MicrosoftAzure did not immediately respond on the matter.

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