Mike Hearn: bitcoin farewell announcement and plot ‘bank’

Mike Hearn: bitcoin farewell announcement and plot ‘bank’
? Before the core bitcoin developer MikeHearn in his controversial bid farewell to the industry issued a notice, now make the following response.

It was reported last week, Hearn announced that bitcoin project “failed” message has attracted a lot of attention, mostly negative.

The results shortly after some new speech, pointed out that these announcements and media reports are encouraged because his new company R3CEV. This mysterious start-up companies with more than 40 banks jointly set up by the Hearn bill distributed technology, chief platform officer.

In the latest announcement, according to the statement pointed out that he Hearn and R3 has been announced, and said he believes bitcoin does not compete with his new company.

Hearn wrote:

“R3 is not a bitcoin company, not even a crypto currency company, and there is no” BankCoin “or” R3Coin”. So it had nothing to do with them, discuss the conspiracy theory is a waste of time, and now there are more important things to consider.”

R3 co-founder ToddMcDonald also stressed that he believes two projects can coexist.

“Some bitcoin and bank transaction have competition, but most of the issues are on bank lending and trading, and these issues on a global currency bitcoin will still exist in the world. This is not a zero sum game, banks and bitcoin coexist and the fate of R3 is not dependent on bitcoin, “he wrote.

Hearn’s comments and his original post in the content of some of the gap, in which he wrote because of the lack of consensus on how to expand the size of the network, bitcoin network technology “on the brink of collapse”.

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