Military order? 360 guard to lose 3 bitcoin virus!

Military order? 360 guard to lose 3 bitcoin virus!

Computer virus to blackmail frequent variants and serious harm is known.

This kind of computer virus once infected,

Will harm the documents, photos and other important information,

Only pay huge ransom in order to restore the file.

In this regard, 360 comprehensive defense blackmailer viruses,

And promised to users in the opening protection function,

If the blackmailer virus infection,

360 responsible for the highest paid 3 bitcoin !

The blackmailer viruses have caused billions of property losses

From the beginning of 2013,

The blackmailer turns to attack the virus, let users complain incessantly.

Taobao has even appeared on behalf of the payment service decrypt.

The virus mainly through the blackmailer

Mail attachments, SkyDrive share, web Trojan and other forms of dissemination,

Will the computer lock screen, affect the normal use of the system,

While even the whole disk encryption document,

The data were destroyed or server crash!!

No matter what kind of virus spread form,

The purpose is to victims of extortion.

The blackmailer viruses,

The computer needs to unlock thousands of years of violence.

This case,

Most of the victims choose to pay the ransom to get the secret key of hackers.

According to the statistics of foreign security agencies,

Since the total amount of virus spread to the blackmailer

Has reached billions of rmb.

But the ransom does not mean that the security of data,

With the invention of the electronic currency bitcoin etc.

And the rising of anonymous communication network,

Network transmission has become more subtle,

Some hackers even in charge users for ransom,

No will “kill, destroy the integrity of documents!

Two kinds of extortion menacing virus

Since 2016, two types of virus is very popular.

Locky and Petya

The Locky virus to a mail attachment in the domestic spread,

Once the user opens the attachment

It will make the important documents in the computer is locked

Another kind in the domestic spread of virus called Petya,

The virus will force the system blue screen and computer disk encryption,

With simple and crude way to force the victim to pay the ransom.

The Petya virus that blackmail blackmailer

In order to further reduce the blackmailer damage caused by virus,

Today, 360 security guards announced the launch of “anti extortion service”.

Infected users in the open document extortion protection function and service function of the anti extortion cases virus,

360 will be for the user to pay the highest

3 bitcoin (about 13000 yuan),

And assist the user to restore the encrypted files.

“The launch of the anti extortion service”, the expression of 360 of its own technology confidence

To build a network security, I hope there is no payment case,

But if it happens,

360 how to use bitcoin compensation to the user?

We hope to master 360 bitcoin transactions

If you do not understand, can be registered account bitcoin trading network learning

But 360 3 bitcoin converted 13000 yuan

Obviously, professional level is not enough

According to the major bitcoin trading platform BtcTrade display market

Today, the highest price of 3876 bitcoin

3 bitcoin equivalent to approximately RMB 11628 yuan

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Can focus on bitcoin trading network of WeChat

A key query, easy and convenient.

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