Ministry of Industry released “blockchain data format specification” standard

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Recently, at the 2nd Development Conference of China Blockchain Technology and Industry Development Forum held by China Institute of Electronics Standardization (hereinafter referred to as “Standard Institute”) of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Wanxiang Blockchain CTO Luo Rongge represented China Blockchain Technology and Industry Development Forum introduced the status quo and development trend of blockchain standardization, and released the forum’s second standard “blockchain data format specification” (click to read the original or reply to the key words in this micro channel million To the blockchain “, you can download the full report).n
Since its establishment, the forum has been devoted to vigorously promoting the standardization of the blockchain at home and abroad. Under the guidance of letter soft division of Ministry of Industry and Information Industry and the second industrial department of the State Standard Commission, the forum successively issued “China Blockchain Technology and Application Development White Paper (2016)” jointly drafted by well-known blockchain enterprises such as Wanxiang Blockchain, And “block chain reference architecture” standard. Among them, the latter is the first government-based blockchain basic standard, and also for many countries in China, the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Russia and Japan at the ISO / TC 307 meeting in Tokyo in November 2017 Jointly developed blockchain and distributed accounting technology research report made an important contribution, and effectively laid the Chinese blockchain international discourse.n

(Wanxiang blockchain CTO Luo Rongge speech)n
Following is Wanxiang blockchain CTO Rongrong Court in China’s blockchain technology and industry development forum at the second development conference speech summaryn

(High Dana company speculation cycle diagram)n
According to Gartner’s speculation cycle diagram, most technologies will experience the five stages of the budding period, the bubble period, the disillusionment period, the recovery period and the mature development period. In 2014, Cryptocurrency entered the second phase of its debut for the first time – the bubble period. In 2016, the blockchain technology list, but also directly into the bubble period. In 2017, the blockchain has almost reached the third stage – the expiration period. However, Gartner released a report in October 2017 to include the blockchain in one of the “Ten Strategic Trends in 2018”.n
The value of the blockchainn

(Cover of The Economist in May 2017)n
Pictured above is the cover of the May issue of The Economist published in May 2017. The title of this cover article is “The world’s most precious resource is no longer oil but data.” All drilling platform Logo has become Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, etc., these companies are no longer represented by oil, but the data. Imagine in the current economic and social situation, if we can not visit Baidu, can not use e-commerce platform such as Alibaba or Jingdong, what will happen. And when we use the services provided by these Internet companies, is it free? Yes, it’s free. When we participate in “Double 11”, give others like, red envelopes do not need to pay for the use of such services, but we paid another thing – free data. “Wool out in pigs,” is the so-called Internet thinking. Nowadays people are basically on the go with their mobile phones and enjoy the convenience of the Internet. Every day, huge amounts of data are generated, which are the “costs” we pay for accessing Internet services. But in To B’s business world, it is impossible for companies to contribute their own data for free. In the business world, credible data is the cornerstone, while data sovereignty is inviolable.n
Wanxiang Group’s financial sector covers banking, insurance, third-party payment, leasing, financial technology, financial technology, including blockchain and artificial intelligence big data (the Union data) in two parts. Artificial intelligence is productivity, the solution is the subject of the internal processing capacity. Blockchain is the production relations, the solution is the win-win cooperation between the main body and the subject.n
The main value of the blockchain lies also in this, the blockchain can do “my data I call the shots,” and “our history we witness.” First, the key characteristics of the blockchain can not be tampered with, and mutual trust can be achieved among many participants. Second, blockchain plus cryptography can protect private data and achieve cooperation among multiple parties to achieve win-win situation. In the blockchain, the data of other people can be seen only by the owner of the data, so the blockchain helps us to maintain the “data sovereignty”, even if the smaller data subject can also protect his dignity of data, Make your own choice At the same time, blockchain technology is based on the technology of distributed ledger, and we keep a common book so that we can witness our history together.n
Blockchain standardizationn
When blockchain technology is widely used, this technology will promote economic growth. Until we start to accept it, this technology is considered widely used. The key to everyone’s widespread acceptance of blockchain technology is that it should be considered as a secure and reliable technology. “Standardization” is a key milestone in this process.n
What is the use of standardization in the end? Standardization and diversity are actually double-edged sword. If the standards are too premature, the industry and the public may be subject to inappropriate solutions that stifle innovation. But if it is too late, opportunities to maximize technical benefits may be missed. Standardization is not an easy task, it requires constant exploration and research.n
May 16, 2017, the Ministry of Industry Electronics Standards Institute released the “block chain reference architecture” standard. In November 2017, ISO International Organization for Standardization (ISO) held the second plenary session of ISO TC307 in Tokyo. Its membership includes standardization bodies in 164 countries, including China, Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Russia and Japan More than 20 countries involved in the development of “ISO / TC 307 blockchain international standards.” The “Block Chain Reference Architecture” issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology made an important contribution to this task. At the same time, Wanxiang Block Chain, as a member of the Chinese delegation, has also participated in the international standardization work of this block chain. At this international conference, new standards such as the “Blockchain and Distributed Accounting Technology – Reference Architecture” standard and new work items such as “Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology – Taxonomy and Ontology” technical specifications were launched Voting, if passed, will be added to the Basic Working Group under the TC 307 Technical Committee.n
At the end of the speech, Rong Rongge released the “Blockchain Data Format Specification” for the blockchain standardization code written by core members of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology led by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Wanxiang Blockchain, Ant Financial Services and Micro Bank. In the “blockchain data format specification” provides six data objects: block, transaction, entity, contract, account, configuration, while defining the data elements include seven major attributes and blockchain data format specification. Click to read the original or background reply “Universal block chain” for the full text.n
※ — Here, witness history how to be created! — ※n

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