Missed the market, missed bitcoin, the next outlet where?

The next outlet who can not know exactly.

We can only through the existing popular technique, to speculate about the future and what the possible outlet.

Below I for the next few may be air field.

1, artificial intelligence AI

Now the fire is undoubtedly AI technology, artificial intelligence.

Now almost all large Internet Co in the layout of artificial intelligence, the Tencent launched its “Tencent” AI open platform, Ali has established a “Dharma school”, and the artificial intelligence technology is a national leader in Baidu.

In this trend, big data, the corresponding algorithm and machine learning, job demand is also increasing.

In the near future, artificial intelligence may become the most basic Internet presence.

There are countless opportunities, this may be an outlet in the future.

2, 5G

A careful analysis of the development of Internet in recent years, every era with communication technology innovation.

In the era of the 3G download speed 120K/s-600K/s, to the 4G era download speed 1.5M/s-10M/s, then to 5G times faster than 4G 10 to 100 times, this is not only the speed of change, but the change of the corresponding object.

From the 3G era “person to person”, and then to the 4G era of “information”, and then to the 5G era “of all things”, which deeply influences every field, think carefully, not every time brings great changes to our life, said to have marked significance of silk the age is not too much

Increase the speed of the 4G era, accelerated the development of intelligent mobile phone, now people have come from the PC era of intelligent mobile phone era, watching drama, play games, chat, a mobile phone easily fix.

But 4G also has his limitations, for example, sometimes Caton, Caton in the theater, when playing the game, although not what, but restricts the development of some technologies, such as unmanned, AR/VR etc..

If some of the other popular 5G era, by the speed restriction of the industry, such as smart Home Furnishing, networking, unmanned, VR/AR industry will usher in a new life.

3, the electric car

When it comes to this, someone might think, the first two looks to have some high-end, this electric car or night a draught? Please listen to me carefully to speak.

Remove the electricity of electric vehicles, the traditional automobile oil for this reason, compared with conventional cars, electric cars in the structure is quite simple, and does not require the traditional car prices each year on the maintenance of the engine, motor, engine power is very simple, from construction technology, technology, electric vehicle is overtaking, seckill level.

Now almost all of the giant, is not only the traditional car companies, like BMW, Benz, Porsche in the development of electric cars, even many technology giants, Google and Apple are going to do or electric vehicle.

The reason is that the car is the future of a complete operating system, after the car would like the current intelligent mobile phone, remote control, entertainment, unmanned and so on, these are the future direction of automobile, like our mobile phone and computer, power enough, the car of the future, is now the intelligent mobile phone, imagine a huge space. The car system, will not like the mobile phone system now, was born out of apple and Android system.

The above is my view for some future air.

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