MIT announced free bitcoin project dropped the latest survey data

MIT announced free bitcoin project dropped the latest survey data

The spring of 2014, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT, MassachusettsInstituteofTechnology) announced an ambitious plan.

Under the influence of university campus active enthusiasts, the famous American universities raised $500 thousand for the allocation of $100 bitcoin to each student. The completion of the project implementation in the fall of 2014, a similar test project will promote the global campus.

MIT announced free bitcoin project dropped the latest survey data

Although the bitcoin “drop” project has caused a sensation, but few people know whether the project success or feel students. At present, MIT researchers published a study on the details, “that early users airdrop” or may be the first to use or disseminate new technology person.

Although the study hope to answer a lot of questions about the early technology adopters, but accidentally discovered that the students of this aerial views.

For example, there are 3108 undergraduate students that registered the digital wallet, of which 89% are the first to understand the digital currency. 35% of them bitcoin investment interest, 20% bitcoin online payment of interest.

The study also found that the bitcoin exchange of traditional cash become early adopters abandon sign bitcoin technology, that is to say it shows the students are more likely to retain bitcoin funds.

The researchers collected data from there to provide students with a digital currency wallet vendor, used to track bitcoin trading frequency, once found early users obtain peer digital currency rate, more likely to bitcoin cash.

The authors of the report said:

“The longer the delay, the more likely they deliver, because more and more urgent need for cash”.

Research shows that 11% of the students in the bitcoin received within two weeks of the sale, although researchers does not exclude the transfer of funds to the possibility of other digital wallet.

The final study released the nature of these transactions, points out that the early users know more about the price of bitcoin, and when prices are good they do not usually choose to cash.

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