Money circle old Lu: why does Ethereum rise more than 300 US dollars a day? Bitcoin $41500 bearish

Today, bitcoin, after all, is the leader. Yesterday bitcoin gave a forecast of 37500 US dollars, which rebounded strongly. In the afternoon, the lowest point was also hit here. It’s not bad for a dollar. It can be said that it’s enough face! After that, bitcoin began to accelerate in the U.S. market, with an expected rebound target of $39350. However, it was hard to get out of hand under the strong driving force of Ethereum, and won a high point of nearly $40000 all the way. Compared with Ethereum, this rebound is controllable and expected. It’s difficult for bitcoin to short today. Why do you say that? Because I’m strong, today I’m going to gather two technologies to predict the market of bitcoin. First of all, look at the figuerabo line, take the high of 42585 as the starting point of this round of decline, and take $37500 as the starting point of this round of rise. This technical guidance is the position of 0.236, that is, 38700 US dollars. Secondly, bitcoin’s six negative lines were blocked at $38700 for four hours after the market broke through, which shows that the resistance level here is very strong. After the market breakthrough, the $38700 will be a strong support, and whether it can continue to rise is the key. Breaking through here, bitcoin will return to its weak position. There will be three resistance levels in the upper short cycle, which are US $40000, US $40600 and US $41500 respectively. Which one should we choose? According to the current strength of ether, you can choose to let bitcoin break through the double resistance first, and then continue to short at the last resistance of $41500. First, considering that the market will continue to fluctuate widely, and secondly, on the 4-hour K line, this is the opening of the drop, and it is also the physical starting point of the big drop. At present, bitcoin is the middle point, hovering around $39300. Lao Lu suggested that we should continue to focus on the key points. Of course, the market is changing rapidly, and it will be more effective to prompt on the spot. Two points are given for your reference today. Bitcoin $38700 long, stop loss 500, target 1000, fall below 38700 bitcoin return to decline! You can decide whether to chase empty! Bitcoin 41300-41500 short, stop loss $42000, target $1000-1500 Ethereum, Ethereum, Ethereum! It’s not a wrong number. It’s three times to let everyone understand the importance of stop loss. If you don’t understand, recite it three times and understand it again. Although we made a prediction for yesterday’s strong rebound, it was far more than expected. Supported by $2460, we raised $300 in one breath and reached around $2770. We were filled with grief! Today, let’s talk about ether. Why is it like this? I wanted to talk about it before, but I have to say it today. Lao LV said that the daily line of bitcoin is between us $42500 and US $28000. He also said that the top of bitcoin’s daily line box began on May 19. After bitcoin’s advance of $42500, it was close to the top of the box. However, if you look at Ethereum, the starting point of the decline on May 19 was around 3450 US dollars, so far it is only about 2700 yuan. If you take the bitcoin box as an example, Ethereum will not reach the top of the box until it has risen to around $3000. Therefore, a slight rise in bitcoin will drive Ethereum to make up for it madly! For the top shape that has not been finished, let’s talk about the support position first, and then tell you what point to short the ether! We have been prompted to short US $2650. First of all, this is the starting point of the big drop. The double top of small cycle has been formed by $2660. Now after the breakthrough, it will become support. It can be seen that if you drop here in the morning, it will rebound directly! So here will be the first time we consider to do long position! After finishing the support position, say what point to do short ether. Connect below for $2140, 2450. Connect the upper 2435 US dollars, 2698 US dollars, a perfect upward channel appeared, in order to predict this round of rising big top 2850-2860 U.S. dollars, of course, this is not enough to support Lao Lv to short. Second, the resistance of the daily line is continuously blocked at $2900, and the real opening and falling of the daily line is around $2860. So the basis of Ethereum is all out! Rise is sure to rise first, until the long ability is released completely! Therefore, the two suggested that Ethereum should be long at $2660, stop loss at 40, and target at $50-100-2850. Ethereum will return to the downward trend after falling below 2650! You can decide whether to chase empty! Ethereum $2850-2860 short, stop loss 40, target $50-100 note: bitcoin, all Ethereum strategies can only be used once, triggered to take effect, can not be used the second time, subject to the time of the article published today: August 5, 2021 at 13:11

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