“Money on” understanding “bitcoin circle” and “block chain”

Some people say the blockchain created bitcoin, also some people said bitcoin achievements of the chain block! What is the relationship between the two? These years we misunderstood is really a lot, out of this 6 a misunderstanding, you do not really understand bitcoin and block chain!

The first big mistake: block chain is fried bitcoin

All kinds of digital currency into the market, a lot of people are exposed to the concept of block chain through digital currency. In fact, bitcoin is just a scenario to block chain. The underlying technology is bitcoin blockchain

In addition to digital currency, there are a lot of ecological life using this technique. For example, Carrefour use block chain traceability technology security items real; block chain + insurance, mutual insurance before Alipay is using this technology, ensure reliable data; in addition, there are block chain + + logistics, copyright, block chain block chain + government scene, not to, this technology will penetrate into the all aspects of life.

Second mistakes: the blockchain data is absolutely safe

In the block chain, there is no absolute security, because the memory block chain data are publicly visible for each node or individual, which means that, as long as in the chain, anyone can view the data on the chain store!

The blockchain said “data security” refers to “data is not tampered, anyone who does not have the right to alter data. Therefore, if it involves very sensitive privacy information is not suitable for storage in the block chain.

Third mistakes: encryption transactions are anonymous

Many people mistakenly think that all bitcoin transactions are anonymous and encrypted. Bitcoin is a public ledger, which tracks from one account to another account to send money. Many government organizations have established relations with major exchanges, to complete the account owner tracing.

Fourth mistakes: the block can be applied to the whole industry chain

Many people now talk about the blockchain, motionless will overturn Guazaizuibian, like block chain has been equal to anything. Although the block chain is a new technology, but now not all industries are applicable. At least now many industries can not use a wide range of this new technology. This is a new high technical threshold itself. But now this new technology is still in the exploratory stage, the relevant personnel is still relatively scarce.

Article 5 big errors: a coin into the ring to riches

Just enter the white circle many coins, there is always hope brother can bring their own overnight, think of it as an investment in airport. But no matter where, should follow the rule of the world, more than the accumulation of knowledge and experience is the truth. Want to achieve financial freedom, to be honest, after learning, only batted firm value of project investment, when you have confidence, and not hearsay, what time hunters stud.

Sixth misunderstandings: why bitcoin currency is not being used as the mainstream of government blocking

Hinder bitcoin only became mainstream currency that bitcoin itself, due to its inherent scalability problems. Bitcoin philosophy has great enlightenment to the existing currency issuance and circulation system, but bitcoin itself is not a substitute currency, not only from the government is allowed, more restrictions on its own internal source.

Transaction processing capacity. The size of each block is defined in the 1M, each transaction about 250 bytes, so each block up to accommodate 4000 trading. Because each recognized block average generation time is 10 minutes, means that every second can only deal with 7 trading.

What it means, with the block chain transactions unpopular, many transactions have to wait in line waiting to be written into the bitcoin blockchain. Transaction processing capacity constraints which in turn will affect the scope of bitcoin as a digital currency and scene.


This is a new technology block chain of the progress of human society changes, the future will be the feedback to the society. Block chain is able to completely go to the center is still a question mark. With technology innovation, the blockchain landing speed will also speed up the change of market structure, some is very likely, can better promote the progress of the times.

For this new things bitcoin, we should take an open or a closed attitude, after all is depends on how to integrate the existing pattern of economic operation and financial activities, and this integration speed and steps, and is closely related to the characteristics of new technology;

It depends on the current economic conditions and regulatory agencies to effectively control and management, so as to achieve such an ideal state: innovation is necessary to effectively lead the new technologies, but also control the risk in an acceptable range.

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