More and more digital currency, bitcoin prices will eventually burst the myth

More and more digital currency, bitcoin prices will eventually burst the myth

This is U in the 100, make complaints about exclusive content without permission is forbidden! Since the birth of bitcoin, we have seen many successive digital currency was born, now a digital currency we learned are very much, but also can be used to trade like bitcoin, so in the future bitcoin prices will definitely be a very big impact.

The reason is very simple, because the other digital currencies relative to the price of bitcoin, can be said to be very cheap, but bitcoin is currently the digital currency as the most fiery words, its price is very high, even recently has been down, but the price is still hovering around more than 4000 dollars about the price, but in the future, bitcoin price myth still continue to be able to continue?

In fact, we all see, now more and more digital currency was born, this will be the future of bitcoin prices have a great impact, because everyone is produced by block chain technology, then the price difference is so big, if it is used as an investor, I would rather choose some very cheap digital money to invest, because its development prospect is certainly better than bitcoin, but this would not recommend to invest in digital currency, because it seems to me that it is now all digital currency is just a bunch of people who the game to the end, who can have the last laugh is not a foregone conclusion.

In fact, the concept of digital currency is very good, is to replace our now used paper money, but it was now the so-called encrypted digital currency to all can be traded, can be a thing of speculation, a lot of people are talking about the so-called digital currency is the future prospects, this is right. But the true digital currency is definitely not now these so-called encrypted digital currency concept, because we live in the real life, we want to trade currencies, rather than the similar collections of the so-called digital currency, the currency by now the circle of digital currency investment concept, we can take bitcoin is now or in the exchange can buy these digital currency as a collection, because they are for speculation, the people involved is to want from the digital currency money only, is not optimistic about their so-called future prospects, the purpose is to make money.

The reason is very simple, we can see the development of bitcoin ten years of time, but if you really want to live in the real life, you can try with real life money, bring their own ten bitcoin, can be said that you have no way out of any transaction a city, because bitcoin audience circle is too small, we are now relative to the population as a whole the world is, like the Internet development for so many years, now there are still a lot of people on the Internet is absolutely ignorant of, then bitcoin want to, all of them agree with his words, first of all is a matter of time, but also one of the most important factors, is the legal problem, because we live in a legal society, we use a currency that is supported by a national agency behind it, but now all the digital currency, it is not an entity or organization to support enterprises its value!

For digital currency or coins, you have what kind of view? The comments below express your views, make complaints about it! This is U in the 100, make complaints about exclusive content without permission is forbidden!

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