More people will rise in the value of bitcoin bitcoin value for investment

More people will rise in the value of bitcoin bitcoin value for investment

To 2017 so far, the value of bitcoin may be increased by 250%, but according to Morgan Stanley (MorganStanley) said that more people should consume bitcoin, instead of hoarding, because the number of online merchants to accept bitcoin is declining.

According to the report published by the global Financial Services Company group analyst James Fossett led display:

“Bitcoin acceptance is almost zero, and is shrinking.”

According to the “business insider” reports, the group found that the number of top merchants accept bitcoin as a form of payment is 5 in 2016, and this year the figure has dropped to 3.

The main reason for the decline in the value of bitcoin rise, then more people will be regarded as a form of investment, rather than a means of payment.

The report added:

“Bitcoin industry should pay more attention to the value of speculation, rather than to increase the acceptance of the way to do the basic work, than to convince new merchant to accept bitcoin easier.”

Bitcoin value growth

Many bitcoin holders are keen to hold their coins, this is understandable. In June this year, the price of digital currency for the first time in the history soared to $3000, and the total market value of digital currency has risen to $40 billion.

Not only that, many speculators claimed bitcoin prices will continue to rise long.

One analyst said, after a few months, this encryption currency will reach $5000. A bank analyst Sax predicted that 10 years later, bitcoin price will soar to $100 thousand.

In this encryption currency outlook the future so bright, obviously, many investors want to hold their bitcoin.

Complete mainstream acceptance

The number of merchants that accept bitcoin, the Japanese are not declining.

By the end of this year, the country is expected to have about 30 stores to accept bitcoins as payment.

Bitcoin payment legalization initiatives, highlighting the bitcoin more and more popular in japan. Therefore, although online merchants may remove bitcoin from their payment options, but in Japan, has seen a new interest, which produces a large number of investors.

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