Morgan Stanley: Hedge funds invest $ 2 billion in cryptocurrencies in 2017

nBankruptcy comment: Bank giant Morgan Stanley in the announcement to customers, using its own research institutes and Autonomous NEXT data, this year estimated hedge funds invested in cryptocurrencies as much as 2 billion US dollars. And the overwhelming majority of crypto-currency hedge funds set up in the past few years are set up this year, and the related increases are in line with the bitcoin price trend. Even some hedge funds have placed almost half their focus on this area.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
Bank magnate Morgan Stanley estimates hedge funds have invested more than $ 2 billion in cryptocurrencies this year.n
Relevant figures are published in the company’s announcement to customers “Bitcoin Decoded.”n
The investment bank further explained that there have been over 100 cryptocurrency-related hedge funds in the past six years, though 84 were set up this year.n
Not surprisingly, this sharp increase coincided with a 20-fold increase in bitcoin, which was about $ 800 in early January and almost $ 20,000 last week.n
Announcement data from Morgan Stanley’s own research institutes and Autonomous NEXT, people noticed that the two major commodity trading platforms CME Group and CBOE futures market interest in institutional investors has risen.n
This week, Bill Miller, legendary hedge fund manager and chairman and chief investment officer at Miller Valued Partners (MVP1), said almost half the center of his MVP1 fund has been placed on bitcoin and bitcoin cash, his first contact with cryptocurrencies When the proportion is only 5%.n

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