Moscow block chain infrastructure optimistic about the bright future

Moscow block chain infrastructure optimistic about the bright future


The Moscow municipal government through the shared register using the block chain technology “(sharedregistry) to support the optimization of road transportation infrastructure system.

Block chain technology will help to create a more transparent, fair and reliable travel payment system and financing mode.

According to reliable information obtained by BitcoinMagazine, and in the main block chain expert meeting, director, deputy mayor of Moscow and the Moscow city traffic bureau MaksimLiksutov said that the main task of the city is to build and support system is safe and reliable data transmission between the internal and supplier. He then suggested the blockchain shared registration system would be a suitable mechanism.


The Liksutov block chain technology to promote the application of biometric technology, especially in terms of potential security solutions are also very interested. He pointed out that, by virtue of its ability to verify the data, distributed nature of block chain technology can mean to verify passengers will be easier, while providing a wide range of identification when necessary.

“The use of block chain technology between user and machine transactions (which requires trust and authority height) is a matter of time. This technique can also be used as a counter system used hitherto unknown”

AlexanderMikheev BlockchainInternational told the BitcoinMagazine the main coordinator.

According to the Moscow mayor SergeySobyanin, these steps will become the government to take broader initiative to improve part of the new technology to ensure. Sobyanin in a public television broadcast said. “This project is made in various fields, we have no doubt that in this respect, should lead the world city,”

The other will benefit from the integration of block chain technology industry including the real estate industry, banking, medical services, power system, digital commerce and tourism. Sobyanin said: “the users only need to enter a personal data (or data), then you can in all government and private organizations (including banks and insurance companies) to verify the information block chain network.

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