Moscow promising infrastructure based on block chain

Moscow promising infrastructure based on block chain

The Moscow city government support based on the blockchain “share registration system so as to optimize the management of land transport, transport infrastructure.

Block chain technology is helpful to build a transparent, fair and reliable transportation fee payment system and financing mode.

According to sources, deputy mayor of Moscow and the Moscow City Department of Transportation Secretary MoscowCityTransportAgency MaksimLiksutov met with blockchain expert, said the main task of the current city of Moscow is a data transmission system between government departments and suppliers to build and support safe and reliable; and that the shared registration system block of the chain can become a suitable mechanism based on.

Liksutov also said that the blockchain technology to promote the application of biological potential of information technology, especially the exploration of security solutions. He said, using the blockchain data validation function and distributed characteristics, can simplify the passenger identity verification, while providing extensive information service identity check.


BlockchainInternational chief negotiator AlexanderMikheev said:

“Between the user and the machine transaction requires a high degree of trust and permission to use only a matter of time block chain technology in this process. This technology can also become the There was no parallel in history. anti-terrorism system”.

Moscow mayor SergeySobyanin said the government will support these initiatives, ensure the development of new technology. He said in a public speech on television, “this project began implementation in different areas, there is no doubt that we must shoulder the responsibility to lead the global city”.

Will benefit from the block chain project in the industry and the real estate industry, banking, medical services, power system, electricity, tourism. Sobyanin said, “the future of the user or company only need one-time input of personal data, after the block chain network all government and private institutions will verify the data, including banks and insurance companies”.

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