Nakamoto So appeared? Australia, a man claiming to be the father of bitcoin

Nakamoto So appeared? Australia, a man claiming to be the father of bitcoin

Australian man Craig Wright Beijing in May 3, 2 Australian man Craig Wright claimed that he is the father of bitcoin nakamoto. Broadcasting British Corporation reported that Wright provides corresponding technical evidence in his argument has also been bitcoin circle chiefs’ recognition.

Broadcasting British Corporation reported that Wright told the Broadcasting British Corporation reporter, he proposed the concept of bitcoin is in 2009. The concept of “mainly made by me, but I also got the help of others.”

Wright said, choose to stand out that status, is to stop the dissemination of information about bitcoin error. “I believe that bitcoin and block chain can make the world a better place. After careful consideration, I decided to open the identity. You should know, I love my job, I hope to clarify the negative rumors, dispel people’s doubts.”

The public identity, not for fame, “I’m not a penny, never”. Wright said that he can open his own research now, let people understand bitcoin potential.


The concept of bitcoin 2009 proposed by Satoshi Nakamoto, according to existing in the design and construction of open source software on the P2P network. However, Nakamoto’s identity is not known to the outside world.

Broadcasting British Corporation said, Wright provides evidence to prove their claims, such evidence as “unique to the father of bitcoin. In the video, Wright made use of bitcoin on-line trading at the beginning of the key.

Bitcoin is a digital currency in the form of P2P, does not depend on the specific issue of monetary institutions, but according to the specific algorithm, produced by a large amount of calculation, the distributed database constitute a large number of nodes of the P2P network to identify and record transactions, designed to ensure the safety of each link of the currency circulation and use of cryptography.

However, with the Broadcasting British Corporation, the British “economist” said that Wright still needs to be confirmed.

“The economist wrote:” imagine an unusually gifted children father unidentified, now someone stood up and said that he was the father…… In real life, deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) detection can solve the problem, but that in bitcoin this complex world is not so simple.”

Invisible rich

Bitcoin recently touted by the market, it can be converted into most of the country’s currency, can be used to buy virtual goods in real life. The largest and other virtual currency bitcoin is different, the total number of co.. The monetary system has been used in 4 years only no more than 10 million 500 thousand, the total number of later will be limited to 21 million.

Bitcoin prices and greater volatility of trading risk is high, easy to make consumers will suffer, and may be used for money laundering and terrorist financing and other illegal activities, many governments are considering strengthening bitcoin trading regulation.

One of the founder of bitcoin foundation Jon Matonis published an article 2, he said, “Wright is convinced that” Nakamoto, he has seen 3 types of evidence supporting this argument.

The Australian police raided the residence of Wright

According to Wright in Australia’s registration information, he was born in Brisbane, in the old, now living in Sydney, won the 3 master’s degree at the University of Charles Stewart.

In December last year, the media exposure Wright may be Nakamoto and hold hundreds of millions of dollars worth of bitcoin, Australian police raided Wright’s home. At that time, the police investigation to Australia by the Australian tax authorities responsible for the grounds, refused to respond to the media interview.

Analysts said Nakamoto himself may have 1 million coins, according to the current exchange rate is equivalent to about $400 million.

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