Netizens have been collecting 10 bitcoin since 18 years ago. They are now out of control

Netizens bought nearly 10 bitcoin collections in 2018, and said they would continue to buy them in batches in the coming year, even if they fell to tens of dollars. In recent years, there have been ridicule and encouragement, but the netizens still unswervingly continue to collect. In 2021, he said that at present, he has bought 29 pieces at a cost of 186 US dollars, that is, the cost is more than 30000 yuan. Take a look at the current price of 330000 yuan, totaling 9.57 million yuan. Netizens are only one step away from earning 100 million yuan. (the netizen didn’t learn mathematics well. The difference is more than 90 million) With Tesla’s support for bitcoin exchange, the price of bitcoin has risen sharply recently, but the risks are also increasing. Let’s just watch and eat melons, because even if you can afford it, it’s not necessarily profitable. Isn’t there a saying that long-term holders, not traders, make money by bitcoin. How much do you think bitcoin can go up to? When will it reach the top? Now admission is not leek, time will tell us the answer.

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