New Dimension of Leaping in Digital Asset Management – The First Symposium on Digital Security of Asset Security in XX Held in Shanghai

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January 31, Shanghai, China – Global Digital Certified Security Seminar on Assets and BOX The First Digital Certified Security Technology Seminar was held at the Hotel Indigo on the Bund by the Huangpu River. In addition to the seminar sponsor BOX sponsor, Damo made keynote speeches, Co-founder Capital Partners Yi Lihua, CTO PeterOne, Bryan Zhang, SP Consultant, LBank Investment People, sponsored members Zhang Hua, iResearch iResearch founder Yang Weiqing and other guests also came to the venue for the blockchain industry development status, future trends, published their own views.n
In addition, DEMO version of the enterprise-class safe box BOX appearance, attracting the presence of guests and audiences. BOX project sponsor, made a speech on the current digital asset industry, a brief analysis of the issue of the digital asset sector, but also on display at the scene BOX DEMO version of a series of functions. was invited to attend as an industry media to find out for our readers.n

BOX project sponsor Damo made a speechn
BOX Why born?n
Blockchain industry development in 2017 showed a blowout trend, and its accompanying products digital certificate asset market also followed the explosive development. Whether it is a traditional venture capital, investment institutions, businesses, or start-ups, all go. As a result, the demand for enterprise-class digital asset management has soared, but in the meantime, issues such as guarding theft, hacking and trading account stolen have also spread over time, causing extremely adverse effects. However, the corresponding management tools are extremely lacking. As a result, safety and convenience have become the biggest barriers for enterprises and institutions to enter the blockchain industry.n
As a result, high security level digital certificate asset management system BOX came into being.n
DEMO version of the airborne scenen
At a technology seminar, Bhutan demonstrated the operation of the BOX system on site. From the deployment of private chains, to the examination and approval, and then to the completion of transfer, distinct levels, layers of promotion. Private chain in the entire BOX system to play the role of evidence and truth-seeking. The use of blockchain can not be tampered with the characteristics of the approval process and transfer approval process on the chain save for the program to provide a reliable basis for automation. The deployment of smart contracts, in turn, enables the confirmation of the data of the linked certificate by 51% of the private chain nodes’ voting. Unless more than 50% of the nodes are compromised, the validity and security of the data on the linked certificate can be ensured.n
Big coffee gatheredn
At the seminar, the founders and managers from investors, audit risk control and project parties respectively expressed their opinions on the status quo of digital certificate and confirmed the birth of BOX.n

Yi Lihua, Founding Partner of Coin Capital, delivered a speech on the site focusing on “The Value of BOX to Investment Institutions and Trading Platforms”.n

E-Chain CTO Peter Yeo delivered a speech at the seminar on the theme “BOX Value for Energy Trading Platform”.n

Bryan Zhang, founder of SP Consulting, gave a keynote speech on the topic of “BOX Value for Audit Risk Control Industry”.n

Ms. Zhang Hua, an LBank investor and initiator of, gave a keynote speech on the spot with the theme of “Security of Digital Certified Stock Trading”.n

Mr. Eric Yeung, founder of iResearch iResearch, made a keynote speech on “Digital Investment and Management” at the scene.n
The seminar came to an end in the enthusiastic interaction between guests and audiences. The BOX team said it will strive to bring BOX on line as soon as possible to provide a secure and secure storage location for corporate digital certificates assets. At the end of the seminar, BOX sponsor Mr. Damo also came up with a bonus of $ 100,000 to find a master able to logically break the BOX system to get the private key. In addition, anyone who can identify a BOX risk point and give a viable solution can also get a reward of 10,000 yuan. This shows that the BOX team has great confidence in their products and technologies. Do you want to challenge the blockchain and encryption technology?n

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