New York Montessori private school to accept bitcoin payments

New York Montessori private school to accept bitcoin payments

Over the past few years, the world has many college and universities begin to accept bitcoin. In addition to the use of bitcoin to pay for higher education expenses, now people can also provide Montessori children’s education mode of private daycare center using bitcoin.

This month, New York city Montessori school co-founder MarcoCiocca announced that the school will accept bitcoin payment of tuition fees for the children of parents. Montessori education founded by Italy educator Maria Montessori.

New York city Montessori school has a classroom in Flatiron and Soho area, and $30950 for a full-time course.

Ciocca said, “we have considered the pros and cons of accepting bitcoin, and decided it might be a good time, because it began to enter the mainstream. In fact, we are the first to accept bitcoin payments pre-school.”

Ciocca said so far few parents have used digital money to pay tuition, when asked whether the school believes that bitcoin and related illegal activities, Ciocca said, we are all healthy schools, is obviously of interaction with the children.

Just published “business insider” columnist SaraSilverstein explained that her daughter how to pay tuition for bitcoin nursery. The school received by e-mail sent to her about the method of receiving password when she saw the value of bitcoin rose 30%.

Her daughter’s preschool tuition balance will expire on June 1st, Silverston said, just received notification of the school, they are very happy to announce it will accept bitcoin for payment of tuition fees.

“If I choose to accept their offer, I will be in accordance with the current price to pay them about 9.5 bitcoin. If I use bitcoin to pay my bills on a month ago, it will cost more than 17 bitcoin. Two months ago, I owe them nearly 24 coins.”

Silverstein nursery and Montessori is not the only private schools accept bitcoin. India Mountain School (IMS) is an independent private school to accept bitcoin fundraising activities for kindergarten to grade nine children.

IMS alumni CharlesAllen explained: “we believe that this opportunity is not only conducive to the parents, but also will expand the next generation of vision, IMS students to understand the new technology, will undoubtedly affect their future.”.

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