New York state legislators proposed four blockchain motion

nRunaway Comment: A New York State legislator has proposed four bills that include a legal interpretation of blockchain and smart contract technologies, a study of potential applications in election polls, and the creation of a task force to study New York’s feasibility of using blockchain storage records , Study the impact of cryptocurrencies on the state’s financial markets. This may be an important hallmark of blockchain-related technology opening up legalization in New York State.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
A New York State legislator has proposed four bills to promote the exploration of potential use cases for the state government’s blockchain.n
A motion proposed by Councilman Clyde Vanel (D-33) will elaborate blockchain technical legal terms (similar to those in Arizona) under state law and examine its use in local and state elections, including verification of voter records .n
The first bill will add the definition of “blockchain technology” and “smart contract” to New York’s sci-tech law while interpreting the digital signatures stored on the blockchain in legal language.n
The second motion “directs the state election echelons to research and assess how blockchain technology can protect voter records and election results.”n
The study lasted a one-year deadline and submitted a report explaining whether blockchain platforms could help to limit or prevent voter scams, improve cybersecurity on digital voting platforms, better maintain voter records and more efficiently share election results.n
The third motion also calls for research and task force formation to determine whether state governments can use the blockchain platform to quickly and efficiently store records and share information. The move echoes the 2016 Vermont move, though state officials finally agreed to build the platform.n
The New York bill will require the task force to hold a public hearing at least for the duration of the study, with the final report due on January 1, 2019.n
The fourth and final bill was passed and a Digital Currency Task Force will be created to determine the impact of cryptocurrencies on New York’s financial markets.n
Public records do not have a clear track for the future of the motion, three of which will be submitted to the government decision-making committee.n

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