Next year, the world is changing, and bitcoin may still be strong

Editor: after the outbreak of the new coronavirus, the Federal Reserve not only implemented a variety of economic stimulus policies on a large scale, but also increased the money supply to a certain extent. As a result, the original high debt level of the United States was pushed higher. As a result, the prices of dollar denominated assets, including gold and bitcoin, have risen accordingly. Some bitcoin bulls believe that the bitcoin rebound is different from the one three years ago. The boom in bitcoin three years ago led to a roller coaster ride for fanatics. ‘unlike in 2017, bitcoin is currently less hyped, so future gains are likely to be more sustainable, even if they fall back in the next few weeks,’ Matthew weller, head of market research at gain capital, wrote in a research note. Bitcoin is clearly overbought most of the time in the short and medium term, so there may be a correction soon. But given that bitcoin has closed above $18000 for three consecutive days, there is little resistance on the way to a new high this year. On December 22nd, James, market analyst Ledbetter predicts that bitcoin may be more accepted by the mainstream in 2021, but it may continue to be volatile in 2021 in the face of competition from large technology companies and the digital currency of the central bank, as well as stricter regulation by the Biden government. He pointed out that some people say that the price of bitcoin in 2021 may be as high as $50000, although this seems to be extreme, if investors divert their funds from other sources It is not impossible to transfer production to bitcoin; of course, the price of bitcoin in 2021 is likely to develop in the opposite direction, that is, a sharp drop; in any case, one thing seems certain, that is, the crazy journey of bitcoin in 2020 will be repeated It is worth noting that with the continuous improvement and consolidation of bitcoin as a technology and financial system in daily life, bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain are becoming more and more difficult to block. But more importantly, it is now mature, which also shows that it is more difficult to kill than a stock, a technical fashion and so on. It’s just that bitcoin’s shearing is too easy to happen when all kinds of ghosts, ghosts, snakes and gods are mixed together and the regular army is not completely in charge.

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