Nigeria is a growing interest in BTC

Nigeria is a growing interest in BTC

In Nigeria, bitcoin interest is growing, because of the oil crisis is the emerging market. Trillions of dollars of untapped oil, not all can rely on low prices to attract people, forcing consumers and businesses to find alternative solutions.

The Nigeria oil crisis bitcoin development is positive

Nigeria was known as the emerging markets of Africa, but now things are looking pretty grim. Oil revenues cause the dollar to become very scarce in the country. In addition, the government of Nigeria to accumulate foreign reserves to ensure that they always have a certain reserve, to avoid the financial crisis.

Because of the turmoil in Nigeria, consumers and businesses are feeling the impact of the financial storm. In fact, the country’s economy fell by more than 50% in just one year, this is not a good sign. Please remember that there are more than 187 million of the population in this country, the financial problem is the economy needs to solve the biggest things.

这一转变发生在尼日利亚成为世界上最大的20个经济体之后。 The economy with an average annual growth rate of 7% growth, which has a positive impact on the economic development of the region. However, since early 2015, the economy began to decline, and in the long term the situation doesn’t seem to have what improvement.

In Nigeria due to a shortage of dollars, factories are no longer imported parts. For most people this is unfortunate, the dollar in the world economy is dominant in this kind of currency restrictions, will cause the commercial development limited. A new global currency solutions need to be made, although the Nigeria government is considering a Renminbi denominated bonds, but another option is not difficult to find.

When bitcoin is more popular in the country more and more, this is not surprising. Digital currency ecosystem beyond traditional financial and government boundaries, and can exchange any legal currency in the world. The use of bitcoin, you no longer need to rely on the traditional financial model, can make consumers and businesses in the region to obtain dollars.

In addition, the country also has a number of bitcoin exchange, which provides convenience for the purchase or sale of digital currency users. NairaEx recently launched Ice3X, active in Nigeria for a long time. In addition, there is a booming localbitcoins (online payment or cash market selection in the local transaction bitcoin) market, which will greatly enhance the bitcoin interests in this area.

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