Nigeria’s central bank said publicly that the central bank can not control or supervision of bitcoin

Nigeria’s central bank said publicly that the central bank can not control or supervision of bitcoin

At the beginning of last week, at a time by the Nigeria Institute of Chartered bankers (CIBN) the breakfast meeting, the country’s financial technology (fintech) in the field of top people gathered together, and discuss the encryption currency (especially bitcoin and block chain technology) effect.

The conference entitled “virtual currency (encryption): evolution, the impact of regulatory challenges and future of payment and settlement system”.

After the meeting, Mr. MusaItopa-Jimoh said in an interview with foreign media ProshareWebTV:

“The central bank cannot control or supervision of bitcoin, the block chain is the same. This is like no one can control or regulation of internet. This is because we do not have it”

After Nigeria’s central bank for encryption currency warning

Interestingly, in the past, Nigeria’s central bank has issued several times for the encrypted currency warning, including bitcoin. In January 12th this year, the central bank issued a notice to the country’s banks and financial institutions, asking them not to use, hold a virtual currency, or using this kind of technology trading “, the notice mentioned in the bitcoin currency, Vicat (onecoin), Munro currency (monero) and dog coins (dogecoin) as an example, and said, still insist on the use of digital currency bank must own risk”.

On the same day, the Nigeria securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued a statement to remind the public of prudent investment bitcoin, VEKA currency (onecoin) and Swisscoin (VEKA and Swisscoin are selling currency currency, and the securities and exchange board of Nigeria but were confused), and tell the public that this investment is there is a risk in essence.

The Central Bank of Nigeria: “we cannot stop bitcoin”

Although the central bank warned of encryption currency, Mr MusaItopa-Jimoh explained that the application of Nigeria’s central bank is not intended to prevent bitcoin.

“We are not issuing institutions bitcoin. It is not our money, we don’t control it, we do not release it, so we don’t control it, “he said,” we just issued a warning to the Nigerian people, if investors continue to participate in the encryption monetary investment, then they will not be affected by the Central Bank of the protection, because it is not within our control.”

He also pointed out:

“A lot of people misunderstood, they think we want to stop bitcoin. We can’t stop bitcoin. Bitcoin is not 2015 or 2012 of the invention, it is not the invention of 2010. Therefore, the Central Bank of Nigeria (rather than the World Bank) to stop bitcoin operation and implementation?”

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