Ningde era battery fire vehicle full compensation with bitcoin? GAC Weilai has overturned twice due to marketing

If you want to talk about the automobile industry which has a low sense of existence, but falls in love with hot search, the number one is sure to be GAC Weilai. Moreover, in half a year, because the marketing has been overturned twice, and the marketing creativity of each time is more amazing at first, but it is full of slots. On the last day of 2020, a microblog of GAC Weilai has attracted the attention of many netizens. On December 31, GAC Weilai posted a tweet on its official microblog, which read, “only unexpected, nothing can’t be done. China’s first auto company to accept bitcoin payment for car purchase! GAC Weilai gives you more space to imagine. “. And there are bitcoin logo and English name in the tweet map. As soon as the microblog was pushed, the car overturned immediately in the comment area. Some netizens joked about whether they could hold on for two hours and wait for the official to issue a subsequent apology statement. As the relevant reports of GAC Weilai’s “bitcoin car purchase” continued to ferment, the official deleted the original tweet and re released the tweet, changing “accept bitcoin” to “accept digital currency”, but the tweet was quickly deleted a few minutes later. Relevant people said that GAC Weilai’s behavior may be suspected of violating the law. The central bank forbids bitcoin and other virtual currencies from participating in payment. If enterprises allow bitcoin to participate in payment, it will be suspected of illegal behavior. In this regard, GAC Weilai issued an apology statement, saying that it was the first auto enterprise to accept the purchase of digital currency without fully considering and obtaining the financial regulatory permission, which aroused the attention of the public. We are very sorry. GAC Weilai said that it had carried out strict self-examination and self correction internally and dealt with relevant responsible persons seriously. We sincerely ask all sectors of the community to supervise and correct our work. No matter whether this is the unintentional move of GAC Weilai, it is another hot search. If it is the manufacturer’s intention, it can only be said that the public relations department of GAC Weilai has a hand and dares to lick blood on the edge of the knife. It is worth mentioning that at the end of October this year, GAC Weilai officially promised: “if the vehicle catches fire due to Ningde era 811 battery, the whole vehicle will be fully compensated!” In addition, it also proposed: “all battery manufacturers in the industry make a joint commitment to protect the rights and interests of users!” Obviously, such a marketing topic is obviously too hard. Some consumers even interpret it as that the 811 ternary lithium battery of Ningde era is easy to catch fire, and other manufacturers are afraid to cash in, and the whole vehicle full compensation strategy of battery fire is avoided. For this matter, GAC Weilai after attracting a wave of attention, the official issued a statement of apology: for their “reckless” behavior. “GAC Weilai expressed his sincere apology! Previously, the vehicle full compensation commitment was only the commitment of GAC Weilai to its own users, not involving any friends or suppliers. “. Only two or three months, GAC Weilai has had two marketing “rollover” events, and caused widespread concern and discussion among netizens. For other car companies, GAC Weilai is eager to get attention and hot search complex is particularly strong. However, this kind of “high-altitude steel wire” general marketing strategy, for the industry characteristics tend to conservative car enterprises, how much there are so some “eight words do not match.”. What do you think of this?

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