Noid believes that payment will be a boost in Thailand tourism bitcoin

Noid believes that payment will be a boost in Thailand tourism bitcoin

Related research shows that tourism is Thailand’s second largest industry, the largest industry is also pattaya. The number of this seaside town of tourists every year to 8 million.

Pay with bitcoin customers usually come from different countries, but American tourists are most frequently used bitcoin payment. You can easily find tourists from 25 countries in the PattayaBeerGarden day.

This is PattayaBeerGarden to become the best place to observe the global bitcoin popularity trend. PeterNoid is the operator of Pattaya in Thailand local large restaurants and bars PattayaBeerGarden.

Noid in his shop met many young couples in Russia, there are also some slightly older Chinese, usually the latter will choose to pay with bitcoin payment.

In Thailand many places to accept bitcoin payments, so this is definitely a good place for Bitcoiner. Noid encountered a lot of Bitcoiner, and they were also good communication.

Even many tourists came to the bar consumption, because they can pay with bitcoin here.

Credit card fraud

Thailand and most countries accept credit card. However, Noid said that many tourists are not willing to use a credit card, because Thailand repeatedly appeared the credit card fraud.

“For me, bitcoin payment is preferred, but most of our customers have never heard of this digital currency. Bitcoin as a convenient and safe method of payment should be popularized in tourists.” Noid said.

Therefore, PattayaBeerGarden accepts zero confirmed bitcoin transactions.

Other options are not practical in the retail industry. Since to accept bitcoin payments, they never make mistakes, has now completed more than 1000 transactions.

Bitcoin universal dilemma

Noid said, the popularity here bitcoin rate has been growing, until the emergence of the “don’t buy a cup of coffee” with bitcoin’s remarks, everything becomes different. The number of bitcoin transactions last year has been stagnant.

Noid added that coffee or beer to buy bitcoin may not be what the important economic function, but can make bitcoin become more real in people’s hearts.

He believes that the current expansion of the debate is likely to be deadlock bitcoin payment arch-criminal spread negative impact “”.

“Specifically, confirm the high fees and a long time will definitely affect the popularity rate. It makes me feel very frustrated, “said Noid.

He continued, he was very willing to persuade other merchants to accept bitcoin payments, but now no longer advocated by this point. He is unwilling to explain their existing bitcoin system deadlock.

Noid can completely understand, bitcoin “chain expansion can not reach Visa or Mastercard standard”, he believes that the “second layer solution is probably the best answer to solve the problem.” However, he also said bitcoin also need a quick fix.

He believes bitcoin requires immediate chain expansion, continue to promote the popularity of bitcoin, attract more consumers, whether there will be follow-up to add expansion for what.

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