Nokia test uses blockchain to protect health data

nRunaway Comment: Finnish communications giant Nokia announced a new blockchain pilot to work with OP Financial Group to develop new health-care data storage. Users can use this project to share personal data while protecting the privacy of some of the information. Pilot through this technology, explore how to maximize the value of Internet data to overcome the authenticity, usability and privacy issues.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
Finnish communications giant Nokia announced a new blockchain pilot with the goal of developing new health-care data storage.n
Official Website Media News announced that it has started the project in partnership with OP Financial Group. Hundred participants will test how to store and share personal health data together with a degree of personal information privacy.n
Nokia’s official website said the company uses blockchain because of the security it offers. The software allows companies to control the entrance to the collected data, ensuring that only approved ones are accessible.n
Nokia statement explained:n
n”Although the value of Connected Health Data is widely recognized, its potential is often not maximized because of its authenticity, usability and privacy, and health data is of the greatest benefit to individuals, families and the world, and trust is an important requirement.”n
nThe project uses wearable devices to track daily steps and sleep times, storing the data on the blockchain. These results will be compared to the user fitness goals. Users reaching or approaching these goals will earn points based on their activity in the project.n
Nokia said that if users trust the systems they will use, it is believed that this project will help shape the “profound insights on global health issues.”n
Kristian Luoma, director of laboratory at OP Financial, said the pilot project is an example of how blockchain can be used for future healthcare projects, especially applications that require user trust.n
Nokia is one of the technology companies that joins the Linux Foundation-led Hyperledger Hyperlink.n

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