North Korea from South Korea to steal bitcoin? The fact or propaganda?

North Korea from South Korea to steal bitcoin? The fact or propaganda?

North Korean hackers allegedly three years from South Korea to steal millions of dollars in bitcoins.

Bitcoin is the highest value of encryption currency, as the first one, regardless of how the price volatility, is the leader in the encryption currency. At the same time bitcoin to the center of the properties make it an ideal option for people in any assets. However, it is this feature let North Korean hackers in 2013 to steal the neighboring digital currency between 2015.

South Korean news reports, domestic encrypted currency exchange loss of $88000 per month for bitcoin, equivalent to one hundred million won. Network security company HauriInc. ChoiSang-myong senior officials disclosed to the media that North Korean hackers involved in the theft.

Choi no in-depth explanation of how hackers to steal millions of dollars in bitcoins. However, allegedly in 2013 South Korea decided to close its Kaesong in North Korean border city (Kaesong) after the joint industrial zone enterprises began.

“After that they steal bitcoin more than 100000000 won a month. Cyber criminals use bitcoin profit because it is hard to track. So North Korea from 2012 began bitcoin blackmail”.

North Korea is involved in hacking news and not for the first time. Including the recent Central Bank of Bangladesh (CentralBankofBangladesh) accounts stolen. Hackers are constantly looking for new profit channels rapidly over the past few years, their bitcoin interest is reduced.

These hackers are currently uncertain individuals or countries to. But at present many arbitration cases, North Korea may explore other alternatives to cross-border transactions.

However, using the block chain analysis tools, the latest is not difficult to find that North Korea is very partial to the use of bitcoin in domestic and international trade.

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