North Korean hackers also love the bit currency?! Related extortion cases into theft

North Korean hackers also love the bit currency?! Related extortion cases into theft

A South Korean network security company said, from 2013 to 2015, the North Korean hackers steal every month in South Korea and its outside bitcoin worth 100 million won, or about $90 thousand, to increase the strength of the reserve currency (hedging).

Network security company Choi Sang-myong senior officials told Radio Free Asia radio station, the station is a Washington based nonprofit organization, news and information to the East Asian countries with a variety of languages. For hacking these charges is the state sponsored, still not sure.

According to South Korean news agency Yonhap reported that senior officials of Seoul security company Hauri Inc. said North Korean hackers steal money encryption in South Korea about 40 million won after the first began to get bitcoins. The theft occurred in Seoul shut down in Kaesong on business operation (the Kaesong industrial zone is held between the two countries in North Korea municipalities).

According to the network security officials, the hackers theft incident, but also to bitcoin as their ransom, launched a more extensive online extortion scheme.

He said:

After that, they can be sure of is all stolen every month 100 million won coins.

According to reports, Choi added that he confirmed North Korea until 2015 every month to get a fixed bitcoin, bitcoins from South Korea and other countries in the world did not disclose to.

Because bitcoin anonymity and North Korean funds due to the lack of bitcoin crime is popular, the executive committee also accused North Korea since 2012 began bitcoin blackmail wave” .

Network security and intelligence officials said North Korea is planning some obviously network crimes, including the theft of $81 million from the Central Bank of Bangladesh, and attacked a big Hollywood movie studios, SONY pictures.

Security researchers also found that North Korea, after hackers trying to sneak into the Bank of Poland at the end of 2016, and stole the funds to the more than 100 organizations around the world and bank.

This article from the CryptoCoinsNews, compiled by Lei ying.

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