Norway’s largest bank DNB launched app buy bitcoin service

Norway’s largest bank DNB launched app buy bitcoin service


Norway’s largest bank DNB bank has recently introduced the new features in its online banking application on Vipps, similar to the PayPal application allows Norway citizens to pay by entering the mobile phone number, email address or username to complete.

After the introduction of new features, Norway citizens can use a credit card or debit card to buy bitcoin in the application, the user does not need to verify the cumbersome procedures.

Norway bitcoin (BitcoinsNorway) is Norway’s domestic bitcoin exchange, through the new function of DNB bank Vipps to help consumers buy bitcoin payment through a simple bank card.

In the setting of the bitcoin purchase orders, users can send this email to to complete the payment in Norway. By Vipps, users can quickly complete the payment process to the mailbox, when the exchange after the completion of verification, to send consumers bit bitcoin wallet address currency.

In most countries, there is a BitcoinsNorway like OTC (overthecounter over-the-counter’s) bitcoin exchange, allows users to buy without being troubled by various verification procedures and the sale of bitcoin. The user can through bank remittance or payment of the purchase amount of bitcoin.

In Philippines, a start-up company called has launched a similar service, allowing users through direct bank deposits to buy bitcoin.

BitcoinNorway this function allows people to complete the bitcoin trading in the mobile phone directly.

According to official data, Vipps is one of the current mainstream mobile app Norway, about 85% Norwegians have an understanding of Vipps, with the use rate of up to 25%.

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