Note the termination? Read the minutes, digital currency tracking what you bought?

Note the termination? Read the minutes, digital currency tracking what you bought?

Please treasure also pulled out a wallet from Grandpa Mao years. Because the central mother said, in order to achieve the use of digital currency as soon as possible.

A hair which has a relationship with you?

Is the future you will never see the “real” money, never bored with nothing to count the money at home!


Get money and not see the money behind this, of course there are a lot of difference.

Of course, we must first solve the problem is: what is money?

Money is a kind of belief!

For example, you pulled out a hair grandpa to buy lunch with a chicken. Do you believe that this piece of paper represents 100 dollars, so I spent a heartache; selling lunch also believe, so he happily took the money, but also give you a chicken.

You spend not that piece of red paper, but this piece of paper represents a kind of credit.

In the Pacific island of Yap, once so



In Scotland, it was:

In Newfoundland, COD can make money when dry.



Put a piece of paper when the meal ticket, is used to note; stone, nails and dried cod when used as a meal ticket, is money, is a kind of everyone recognized exchange credentials.

As we all recognize, so this stone, nails and COD are representative of a person’s credit, there is all the money.

If the computer digital also give credit, trade, it is a digital currency.

In fact, with a string of numbers when the money is nothing special fresh, for you Grandpa Mao is that on each unique encoding, only prove that they are real money, everywhere for. (if you do not have this number, you may get used to buy lunch, went to jail.)

So, even in the notes, money is the core of this unique encoding. Remove the excess paper now, leaving only the encoding in the bank database, is a digital currency.

The recent news that the central bank issued a legal prototype scheme of digital currency has completed two rounds of revision.

The research team dedicated digital currency from the establishment of the central bank in 2014 this year, officially announced for digital currency issue as soon as possible, only a short period of two years.

Study on the digital currency is represent the general trend. Now, we can use cash less. The two-dimensional code brush does not stop, WeChat Alipay ApplyPay, renjunxuanze. Plus online shopping more and more convenient, as long as the fingertips can go bankrupt.


But Alipay’s money is not planning to go digital currency. Alipay money is through bank accounts, which means that Alipay’s money actually corresponds to a banknotes.

But the transformation of the electronic payment currency payment form, digital currency is a change in the currency of the carrier.

Digital currency issued by the central bank, is the renminbi, is less that piece of paper currency, that is enough.



A digital currency, are a group of computer encrypted encoding.

In fact, each Zhang grandpa Mao printed encoding is a character, but the digital currency is not printed on paper, but in the binary 0 and 1 of the world.

Digital currency sounds like some absent-minded bitcoin, but they also are not the same thing. The core technology is bitcoin blockchain.

We don’t need to understand what is going on the block chain (if you really want to understand, after two days to see the new push ~), only need to know the blockchain consecration, bitcoin payment mechanism has completely to the center, that does not need the money, do not need a bank bank card records of people together to complete all the transaction and payment.

Although the central bank is studying digital currency is based on the technology of block chain, can blunt the bitcoin it can not get over with.

In this decentralized network, you said the central bank placed where appropriate? So the central bank is developing a digital currency network like this:


The reason why trying to study the blockchain, except with a convenient, save paper, digital currency is good.

– first, because every digital currency is to rely on the computer after encoding complex encryption program generation, can not be tampered with, cannot be forged, nearly 100% security. Get a big ticket, no longer so nervous.


The machine adopts the block chain technology, can give each transaction to build a “stamp”, records of who, what time, through which the terminal, how much money to spend money, “fathers eighteen generation” are now clearly.

– previously, cash is really good. There are two kinds of people in this world love cash:

The first one is they


Second people also love at home — hoard cash

A digital currency, they have nowhere to hide. However, digital currency is not completely no harm.

How the money is a personal privacy. Taobao owner revenge to the poor customer, Nirvana is one of the customer purchase records released.

When you have the cash, you can still some little secret:


But with the digital currency


Therefore, the central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan said, “will do its utmost to protect personal privacy, but he also said that” to retain the necessary means of verification”.

How the balance between the two, is related to everyone’s life greatly.

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