NPC Zhou Xuedong: bitcoin trading platform should be the implementation of record management

NPC Zhou Xuedong: bitcoin trading platform should be the implementation of record management

In recent years, some domestic bitcoin enthusiasts started to pay attention and investment bitcoin, some Internet platform bitcoin transaction services on behalf of the Internet e-commerce platform, has become the domestic bitcoin trading platform. However, due to the lack of clear regulatory rules, bitcoin, Wright coins and other virtual currency trading “is still in the gray area, leverage increased speculation, alleged irregularities in the financial transactions of the rights and interests of network virtual goods acts have occurred, some investors took the opportunity to hype bitcoin and bitcoin related products and.

Bitcoin high in the market this year, a record high, by the end of March 10, 2017, according to the bitcoin trading network blockchain digital asset trading platform professional ( market, the current price of 7780 yuan coins.

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Since the beginning of January this year, Beijing, Shanghai branch of the joint division of local financial regulatory departments of the people’s Bank, continue to carry out the on-site inspection of Beijing, Shanghai and other major bitcoin trading platform. Inspection found that part of the trading platform to carry out the existence of illegal financing currency business, internal control system of anti money laundering and other issues.

In order to protect the public interests of investors, to prevent illegal pyramid selling, illegal fund-raising, money laundering and other risks, the National People’s Congress, the people’s Bank of Chinese director of business management department Zhou Xuedong think, should be the virtual goods trading platform bitcoin into being carried out within the scope of national Internet financial regulation, establish a sound regulatory rules, strict management.

Zhou Xuedong said that due to the bitcoin transaction risk, the safety of customer funds, money laundering risk leveraged transactions brought bubble risk, the risk of fraud and security risks and other risks, bitcoin and other virtual goods trading platform to strengthen supervision. At present, in addition to the existing financial and economic laws and regulations, according to our country’s bitcoin and other virtual goods trading platform rules is very limited. To bitcoin, Wright coins and other virtual goods trading platform specification guidelines or lack of supervision. At the same time, many departments involved bits of currency trading management has not been established, because of sharing and joint enforcement mechanism of regulatory information, bitcoin trading regulation is needed to form a joint force.

In this regard, Zhou Xuedong suggested that the short term, China should learn from the current practice of the main countries in the world, from the block chain of technological innovation and the application point of view, bitcoin trading platform and the operation of an observation period of dynamic supervision and evaluation; at the same time, clear bitcoin and other virtual goods trading platform and site supervision the bottom line, the establishment of a negative list of business requirements, trading platform shall not exceed the limits, and make the risk prevention and protection of investors; serious cases of illegal organizations may take administrative penalties or shut down banned measures. Look for a long time, explore the establishment by the local financial management department in accordance with the virtual goods transaction management platform, the implementation of record management; national financial management departments and industry and commerce, taxation and other departments in accordance with the current regulations and the division of responsibilities, or to develop new regulatory rules, duties of the supervision function, including financial credit business, money laundering, foreign exchange management, business scope, advertising, and other aspects of the tax, to establish long-term supervision mechanism, maintain financial stability, protect the rights and interests of investors.

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